Are Angels Real

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Debate has always raged about whether or not everybody gets a guardian angel, though the clergy were always at pains to reassure congregations that everyone has one,

Are Angels Real

The Greek word Angelos means messenger, and the Bible has it that angels are the envoys of God, some early Christian believers considering Jesus Christ himself to be an angel, rather than the son of god, and it was authors of the 4th century AD who transcribed the more familiar interpretation.
Apparently, it was Roman Emperor Constantine I who ordered the convening of the Council of Nicea in 325, which body officially took away the angelhood of Jesus, those bishops present charged with converting still varied and conflicting versions of Christianity into a single, unified theological creed.
It was indeed this Council of Nicea that defined Christ as being the same substance as god and thus completely divine, and further that angels were something else entirely, even though early church, perceptions of angels varied as much as those of Christ or even Judas.
4th-century Christian monk and ascetic Evagrius believed that the essence of humanity was of three parts, the first governed by appetites for sleep, food and sex, the second our base emotions, and the third the rational part.
Evagrius believed that rational part to be the best of us, and that angels might actually be disembodied minds, or intellects sent to help humanity get through life, though it seemed that they were choosy about whom they helped, piety gaining points, apparently.
Debate has always raged about whether or not everybody gets a guardian angel, though the clergy were always at pains to reassure congregations that everyone has one, though quite how these heavenly hosts are organized in daily life seems to be another hot topic.
On the Celestial Hierarchy was a book penned by an unknown author around 500AD, which tells that there are nine orders of rank for angels, these being, in ascending order angels - archangels- principalities - powers - virtues - dominions - thrones - cherubims and seraphims.
Not by any means official church teaching, the very notion that all these different levels exist, interdependent yet independent, with free will and the ability to fall from grace, as did the angel Lucifer, who became Satan or the devil, if you will.
The thought that there must also exist adversarial angels, whom we call fallen angels, which are also assigned to individuals, along with their as guardian angel, has prompted even more debate about the constant fight between good and evil to win the hearts of mankind, a battle that never ends.
Christian scholars like Origen of Alexandria thought the fallen angels, played equally important roles, taking part in universal governance as God commanded, by participating in a negative way, to make the positives shine more brightly.
More than half of all modern Americans tend to believe that heavenly messengers are among us, and actively so, protecting them as guardian angels at some point in their lives, according to a 2008 Baylor University survey.
Many people who were victims of assault, survivors of near-death experiences, or close-call combat veterans, attribute their survival to their guardian angels, not seen but only felt, and yet apparently very real to them.
Who can say what the truth is, for nobody who sees an angel is - they say - allowed to remember the encounter, other than as a feeling. Belief is the only thing that actually matters, where angels are concerned.


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