Bad Boy Bugs

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Vital to our very survival many millions of bacteria reside within our bodies, as essential to us as we to them for life itself, though the nasty varieties we call bugs are often anything but friendly..

Bad Boy Bugs

The most prolific life-forms on earth have humanity outnumbered by billions to one, without any doubt doubt at all, yet we see nothing of them. Vital to our very survival many millions of bacteria reside within our bodies, as essential to us as we to them for life itself, though the nasty varieties we call bugs are often anything but friendly..
It was a virus, particularly awful, which caused the Black Death, the devastating plague that killed off 30% of Europeans in the mid 14th century spread by rats and fleas. No medical treatment at the time could do nything to stop it, the plague ruining breathing and blood supply systems of the human body, infected persons almost certain to die, from this truly lethal bacteria, which spread like wildfire.
Called consumption into the late 19th century, tuberculosis has been killing off millions for centuries, These tiny killers occur in the lungs naturally, remaining benign unless triggered through infection or weakened immunity. 15million people worldwide have the dreadful disease, two million dying every year, and no vaccine exists, to this day, for treating the complaint
A rarely discussed condition in western society, syphilis is one of the most terrible plagues in history, making a major comeback today. Once in the body, syphilis bacteria damage brain and heart, leading to awful genital sores, even disfigurement on occasion. Difficult to diagnose, though easily treatable, with modern medicines, syphilitic death is very slow and painful, this bacteria especially virulent
Mostly evident in Africa, India and South America, one truly horrid bacteria, is the one causing typhoid, commonly spread through contaminated drinking water, usually by sewage, typhoid kils 500,000 people annually, very high temperatures followed by violent diarrheoia, weakness and then lethargy. Easily treatable in western society, the typhoid bacteria is a killer in the third world.
Staphylococcus, with forty group members, is one of the biggest bacteria sub-groups. Everyone ca rries these around, modern anti-biotics dealing with them, though recent strains have developed resistance to such treatment, MRSA, which causes the sickening flesh-eating disease, being a prime example . Left untreated, patient will certainly die, amputation often being the only way to save the person infected.
Getting cut on a tin can, for western society residents, often leads to a tetanus jab, the disease barely bothered about, but in the third world, tetanus bacteria lead to lockjaw and uncontrollable spasms, among those infected by the disease. An awful, deadly disease, tetanus still causes around 60,000 baby deaths each year, countless adults becoming disabled or dying, after contact woth the dreadful bug that lays them low.
Much favored nowadays by terrorists. Anthrax is a truly awful disease normally affecting cattle, which comes in several, deadly forms, , usually caught by humans, if at all, through the food chain, leading to a slow and painful death for those infected by this cruel bacteria, which as yet is not treatable.
Though these are extreme examples of what humanity might see as bad bacteria, there are many millions more varieties, some positively essential to our well-being, and extremely beneficial as they co-exist harmoniously within us. Every crowd, whatever it is composed of, has the bad boy element, and bacteria are just another crowd, with their own villains, which we simply need do our best to avoid.


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