Cheap, Clean Water The Easy Way

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This very low-cost way of purifying water simply involves coating sand grains with graphite oxide, graphite commonly used as pencil lead.

Cheap, Clean Water The Easy Way

Clean drinking water is a real problem for many third-world countries today, and even some western nations have problems, but an ancient method of purifying water has been rediscovered. For under-developed countries worldwide, millions of people could reap the benefits, because it would be affordable even to poorer nations.
Using sand to purify can be not only a slow process, but also not that efficient until now. Some recent findings could see tcleaner drinking water becoming available in a more cost efficient and faster way than ever before, because of so-called super sand.
This very low-cost way of purifying water simply involves coating sand grains with graphite oxide, graphite commonly used as pencil lead. Given that this process can be occur at room temperatures, with lots of cheap graphite sources, cost-efficienciency seems certain.
Since many places in the world see inhabitants using tainted water, as do two-thirds of sub-Saharan Africans and half of Pacific islanders, an affordable method of water filtration would be very welcome indeed. People have already purified water using sand since ancient times, though coarse sand is much less effective than finer stuff for trapping the contaminants, though it works quicker.
However, with the new idea, coating that coarse sand with graphite would solve the problem, as the graphite holds on to the toxins. The method of producing the super sand involves mixing graphite oxide in water before combining it sand, then heating the mix to 105C for two hours to get rid of the water, delivering as end-product a low-cost way to purify water, super sand..
Professor Pulickel Ajayan, lead scientist on the project, stated that the graphite oxide was modified slightly to render it more sensitive to, and selective of certain pollutants, like – specific metals or organic contaminants of tainted waters. Since it apparently performs the tasks as well as previously commercially available activated carbon materials, but comes in much cheaper, it will be a boon to third-world economies.
Many Australian mining companies extract graphite, producing much graphite-rich waste, as undoubtedly do such companies in other nations, so there should be no shortage of raw materials for what promises to be a wonderful new discovery that may just help third-world, poor countries deal with water-borne diseases more easily.


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author avatar Buzz
12th Apr 2012 (#)

Very informative, Tony. Will add this to my FB. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar 7979barb
12th Apr 2012 (#)

Very good article. We may need to know this in America as well as we have contaminated water sources throughout this country. Camp Lejune comes to my mind.

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