Great and Glorious 13TH

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I was born on the thirteenth of June, on a Friday, as my mother told me, and throughout my life Ive found anything associated with thirteen to be reasonably lucky for me

Great and Glorious 13TH

It is my very favourite day of the month, namely the thirteenth, though it is not, unfortunately a Friday, but then you can't have everything. Why would I, weirdo that I must be, enjoy the coming round of thissuperstition filled day of dread for many? Well, I was born on the thirteenth of June, on a Friday, as my mother told me, and throughout my life Ive found anything associated with thirteen to be reasonably lucky for me.
I had a pet black cat, dead now, I'm sorry to say, whom I gleefully named thirteen, and who delighted in being evil-tempered, living up to his name with everyone he encountered, apart from me, another point that sometimes had neighbors looking sideways at me, as though they felt that I had been born several centuries out of time, for I was surely a male witch and thirteen my devilish familiar, at least that was the impression I sometimes got.
I will not say that I do not harbor certain irrational fears, like the fact of avoiding walking under ladders, or throwing salt over my shoulder if I spill any, but I can give absolutely no sensible reason why I automatically do these things, putting it down to an unsuspected indoctrination, through childhood, from the commanding presence of a mother who was superstitious to the point of paranoia, god bless her, and undoubtedly passed some of that on to her kids.
Logic does indeed dictate that there are things in heaven and earth that defy scientific explanation, and many of these phenomena must have given rise to some odd beliefs, because they could not be explained away. To this day, I will never know how she did it, but the bond between my mother and her kids was so strong that, if one of them got injured, however far away they were, she knew at once what the damage was, and what to do about it, long before the injured party appeared, weeping and wailing.
It must have been some kind of telepathy, but how it worked only heaven knows. Then again, a week before her early death, from a massive heart-attack, she called all six kids, one by one, into her bedroom, to tell them that she was going to die within seven days, that she would be going to a wonderful place, and to foretell the course of their future lives, which she did in every case with uncanny accuracy.
Me she told that I would travel the world, seeing ll that she had wanted to but never could, would marry late, have two kids, one of each, that I should marry three times, not finding happiness, or my artistic muse, until i was around forty years of age. Every single thing she prophesied came to pass exactly as predicted, and I began writing seriously only after being encouraged to do so by the love of my life, my third wife, whom I met when I was 41 years old.
The two kids, from an earlier, unsuccessful marriage,are well grown now, but I will never know how this gift of second sight, with which my mother was blessed, could have allowed her to so accurately map out my life for me, yet she did. This is just one of the small, but fascinating anomalies in nature that man still cannot get a handle on, and perhaps he is not meant to yet, for if evolution is an ongoing process, nature may not think humanity yet ready to be shown the true power of the human mind.
It is within that realm of hidden abilities and talents, locked away from our conscious minds, but occasionally breaking through in tiny bursts, that the world of superstition has its foundations. My sincere belief is, that when Gaia determines her human children to have grown up enough to be capable of handling the awesome powers that are currently dormant, she will set them free, but until then, we will still be trying hard not to break mirrors, or understanding the creepy feelings of deja vu that occasionally make us shiver.
As Mulder famously said in the X-files, the truth is out there, but how long it will be before we know it remains to be seen. In the meantime, I shall continue to poke fun at the, to me, ridiculous fear of the number thirteen, aware all the time that walking under that ladder might be the death of me!


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