Living Doll

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The phenomenon of a London teenager who spends every day painting herself as a living doll and becoming an internet sensation by telling others how to do the same.

Living Doll

Living Doll
Remember that old Cliff Richard song Living Doll? Well in the UK capitol London there is a real one - Venus Palermo aka Venus Angelic - her on line persona - is a 15 year-old teenage girl who posts shocking videos of herself posing as that living doll.

Her mother, Margaret Palermo has defended the choives her daughter makes, claiming the 15-year-old to be an innocent and good girl who just likes frills and ribbons a lot. Internet sensation Venus Angelic runs, online tutorials - she has 78 videos on her official youtube page - where she gives tips on achieving the bizarre look, which have received tens of thousands of hits since first appearing.

Presenter Helen Fospero - on the ITV show Daybreak show in which Venus appeared with her mother - commented that she would be horrified if her own daughter behaved that way, dubbing it not normal in any way. The mother retorted that would be aghast if Venus came home
pregnant, being quite happy that if her daughter likes the style she is content, and would be more upset to see Venus drinking or smoking.

The girl took her inspiration from the craze for Japanese anime, and set about changing her look to that of a Japanese porcelain doll after visiting Japan itself. She claims always to have loved dressing in frilly dresses and having pigtails, these days dressing as a doll every day, taking only 15 minutes to achieve the look.

The Facebook page she runs lays claim to more than 13,000 loyal followers, and among her top tips using full, opaque colored contact lenses to make your eyes doll-like. It seems now that the living doll-look is now going global, having been long established in Asia.

There is, however, concern among experts that the trend could encourage sexualisation of children, warning that over-emphasis from childhood on physical appearance could end up encouraging anxiety, depression and eating disordersas time goes by.

One cannot help but feel that this distortion of appearance for children, making them appear older and more sexual surely crosses that invisible line between what is healthy and what is not. Approving of such behaviour is surely just storing up trouble for the future, however cute the living doll might be.


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