Stunning Salt Pond Images

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Environmentalists just love salt ponds, providing as they do such productive resting and feeding ground for many species of waterfowl.

Stunning Salt Pond Images

Salt was once so highly valued that it was literally worth its weight in gold, and traders would swap, ounce for ounce, one for the other. Being paid these days is referred to by the word salary,Roman soldiers having once been paid in salt.

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The harvesting of salt has gone on for thousands of years, yet the supply never dries up. Indeed so much salt can be found in the oceans of the world that, if the water vanished overnight, a layer of salt 50ft thick would blanket the entire earth. Extraction of salt is mainly through evaporation, used in the hotter parts of the USA a great deal.
Obtaining salt from brine in this way was what caused salt ponds to come into existence, shallow artificial lakes designed to produce salt from sea water, which is fed in before water is drawn out again by natural evaporation, leaving salt deposits to be harvested.

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Environmentalists just love salt ponds, providing as they do such productive resting and feeding ground for many species of waterfowl, and though not always obvious from ground-level these ponds are also often stunningly coloured and quite lovely to see.
Variable algal concentrations often create truly stunning colour variety, from pale green to bright red, colour indicating of salt content levels, because micro-organisms inj the water change colour with increasing salt content, green algae predominant in lower salinity ponds, medium to high salinity causing Dunaliella Salina algae to change the colour to red.

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San Francisco Bay salt ponds are famous for their variety, and other notable sites the Israeli Dead Sea salt ponds, and the western Australian Useless Loop salt ponds. Such ponds are found close to the source of the salt, and are a vitally important resource not just for humanity but many other life-forms, an artistic testament to just how majestic Mother Nature presents herself at times.


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