The Main Attraction

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Learn how to get into the hearts and minds of others will not only improve your sex and social lives, but also enable you to make yourself more likable at work, making success in promotion or job interviews, or indeed any important occasion far more likely

The Main Attraction

Wanting to be that girl, the one who that gets heads turning by simply walking into a room, may seem a pipe-dream, but if you how to handle yourself, it can easily become reality, and all you need do is practice certain ways of behaving in public. Those individuals that seem naturally capable of employing open body language simply ooze confidence, sending out positive subliminal messages that others cannot miss.

Learn how to get into the hearts and minds of others will not only improve your sex and social lives, but also enable you to make yourself more likable at work, making success in promotion or job interviews, or indeed any important occasion far more likely. Never forget that body language reflects personality, and the person with a smile on their face is normally assumed by other people to be a happy soul.

There are physical actions, such as gesticulating with the hands, and maintaining eye contact that lead others to believe you a confident person, and first impressions are the most important ones. If you have the right look, potential partners want to stick with you, because strangers make their minds up about you within 10 seconds, so the right signals, which begin start the moment you enter a room, are vital to your success.

On entering a room, pause with head held high and shoulders back, letting yourself be seen.Be confident in casting your eye around those present, letting them get an equally good look at you , being sure to make eye contact with the person nearest to you, smiling broadly, before confidently heading for the centre of the room,appearing as friendly and approachable as possible

Never fail to look directly at any interesting person that you meet, turning your body towards them, and bear in mind that someone facing you and smiling is almost certainly offering a subconcious invitation to get closer, the most receptive having, usually, arms uncrossed and legs apart, bodies turned towards onlookers.

If your stance is relaxed, you can use subtle trickery to attract the attention you want from someone, by, for example, touching a part of your body you want them to look at, like briefly dabbing at your eye. The other person’s gaze is automatically drawn, and they are looking into your eyes. This can also be schieved by running your fingers through your hair.

Remember that the eye if the most powerful weapon in your flirting armoury, and while the normal face scan of a stranger lasts only three seconds, anything longer than that, say 10 seconds or more, automatically activates the nervous system of both parties, raising heart rates and blood pressures, ready for physical activities.

Allow your gaze to settle on someone, until they notice, then gaze around further, before returning to that person, effectively telling them that you were instantly attracted to them, for with potential lovers, we tend to follow a definite pattern of looking, dropping our own eyes from theirs, their mouths and then the brest of the body. Rapid blinking, by another person, is often a sure sign that they find you sexually attractive, so if you see it, blink more yourself, because if they reciprocate the attraction, they will match your blinks unknowingly.

Winking while offering them a sexy smile can have a real bonding effect, implying that the two of you have some common secret that you share, and other subtle gestures get subliminally caught by others, like turning hands to put wrists on display, a gesture suggesting openness and honesty. When out looking for love, have sexy thoughts in mind, because your thoughts show in your facial expressions, and you unwittingly hold yourself more naturally. This makes your body look its most attractive, releasing pheromones, natural chemical signals that you are interested sexually.

Your most effective flirting tool is simply the mirroring, by yourself, of someone's body language, because we all unwittingly look for opposite sex versions of ourselves, behaviour mirroring making us feel flattered and accepted, so making use of this knowledge can boost your popularity no end. Echoing the head tilts and facial expressions of the person you are with convinces them that you are fascinated, whether you are in reality or not. Their curling of fingers around wine-glass stems should be copied by yourself, the gesture very erotic, while stretching your arms signifies your availability. Cross your legs at the ankles, giving the most relaxed of impressions, and let hands touch innocent objects in ways suggesting that sex is on your mind.

Whilst talking to the person you are interested in, start using we as soon as possible, planting the notion that linking up is a great idea, and use their name every few minutes, because it will automatically have them focussing on you. Practising these simple behavioural rules will inevitably result in their becoming second nature. This will mean that you begin to achieve everything you always wanted in your private and social lives, becoming the main attraction you always wanted to be, in great demand and very happy, so what could you lose by giving it a go?


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