Virtual Worlds a Matter of Preference

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The true attraction of a virtual environment is that It allows the user to do things that would not be possible in the real word.

Virtual Worlds a Matter of Preference

Virtual worlds are an interesting phenomena that has arisen in the last few years. Born from the pairing of the social aspects of the internet, and the achievement-based gratification of video games, these computer-based simulated environments are often exactly what the name, virtual world, would suggest them to be. They are a complete environment for a user to interact with, that has many of the same features and requirements as reality. Basic physics, engineering limitations, and social complexities are just some of the concepts in most virtual worlds, but not always. There in lays the true attraction of a virtual environment. It allows the user to do things that would not be possible in the real word.
One of the defining characteristics of a virtual world is, it is almost always a multi-user environment. That is to say: A person interacting with other people in the confines of the virtual world is not just interacting with the computer program but also with innumerable other users around the world. It can be a wonderful place for friends, family, or even total strangers to communicate and socialize with one another, sometimes toward a shared goal. They will often have their own 'in game' economy where credit can be traded for goods and services within the world itself, and owning online property is not uncommon.
Which of the many worlds that have arisen online, are the best virtual worlds, is purely a matter of preference. There is a veritable universe worth of worlds to choose from with different themes, possibilities, rules, age groups, etc. Among the more popular ones are games like World of Warcraft, Second Life, and Order of Chaos, to name a few. A world will usually be theme-oriented in some way to draw in many users of similar preferences. They are most commonly fantasy, science fiction, battlefield, or even real life themes, but potentially, could be anything that the imagination can conceive of.
They allow a user to live out a kind of personal fantasy with a surprising amount of realism. This is simultaneously their greatest attraction and a cause for concern. For a 20 something gamer to join with his friends and slay a dragon is certainly appealing, but should a 9 year old be allowed to interact in the same world, where violence, language, and sexual themes may be part of basic experience? Probably not, and toward this end there are also a great many virtual worlds that are geared toward younger users. Lego Universe provides a fantastic experience for children, complete with rules and regulations that maintain an age appropriate experience.

Which of the best virtual worlds provides the greatest experience is actually a hotly debated topic, but it is only a matter of personal preference. A better question would be: Which virtual world would be best for you? Search for one that will have a theme you find appealing and will not subject you to anything you would find offensive. Then all you have to do is sign up, create your character, explore, adventure, socialize, and have fun.


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