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Despite slackening off its delighted me to see that I have 1.3 million views and 1000 articles
New research on Diabetes. Cure is around the corner
The Buffalo Bills will not be having the services of their running back C J Spiller for at least six weeks. Spiller broke his collarbone during the Bills 17-16 win over the Minnesota Vikings at their home stadium in Orchard Park New York.
Half a century has passed since the last execution was carried out in the United Kingdom. Although there have been calls for its return, this seems unlikely in the near future. This writer hopes that it will never do so.
A court in Dubai has granted a divorce to a man who says his wife is possessed by spirits and refuses to have sex with him, reports suggest.
Singer Songwriter John Hiatt brings his multi genre songs to Niagara Falls.
There's a viral news about the Ebola Virus Victim who just passed away and rises from the dead but that news is absolutely FAKE.
All over the United States, police are using asset forfeiture laws, originally designed to combat large drug cartels, to legally confiscate cash belonging to American citizens traveling the nation's highways.
Shopping at the huge Mall of America® in Bloomington, Minnesota? Take a break from the shops - plan ahead and relax at one of the extra-special events the Mall offers.
LED lights or stands for "LIGHT EMITTING DIODE" is an indicator light in electronic devices usually have a function to indicate the status of the electronic device. For example, on a computer, there is a power LED and LED indicators for the processor, or the monitors are also power L...
Ebola, and radical extremists are all a very real factor that has put the United States future at risk.
Corruption abounds in the administration as evidenced by the politically motivated aims and inept operations of its agencies. Servicing the agenda set by the highest -- and purportedly the worst -- leadership in U.S. history, the following agencies set out to deliver change in ways t...
As we all know that every successful companies or organization must have a good regular board meeting, in other to trash-out some issues and make some amendment where it is necessary for a good and better performance of their staffs and co.workers. This is what our organization doe...
Somewhere in the northern hemisphere marriageable naked daughters of farmers customarily plow ricefield to help parents raise rice. They resort to this odd method during the driest months from December to March reportedly to embarrass the gods to send much needed rain for rice product...
The truth about historic sex crimes and paedophile rings.
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