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What is needed to secure peace in the Mid-East today and for the future.
As the United States pushes for an agreement that will likely do little to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear state, Hillary Clinton has problems of her own. Hillary has a very disturbing history of Iranian fund raising to explain.
The Italy based giant manufacturers of cement constructed a building in Shanghai, China with transparent cement, the building permits day light in to the building so saving electricity in the daylight.
On Monday free agent wide receiver Miles Austin, 30, was not offered a new contract by the Cleveland Browns after the 2014 football season will continue playing football for another year by signing a one year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles.
"Investigative Journalism....whatever happened to them?" A well put, inside, question by an American's 'elitist' television's show's comedic star, Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show" - but shows and articles have told of late of the demise and slipping away of "investigative journalism" ...
The BBC will present the Folk Awards in April at the Wales Millennium Centre.
A new law in Indiana that permits businesses to discriminate against gay and transgender customers is generating a tremendous backlash throughout the nation.
The world seemed smaller and the four corners easily reachable with the advent of cellphones, facebook and twitter, especially with the "free" use of the latter 2 facilities. Now with the new plan afoot to charge something for the use of facebook and twitter, it is seen likely that c...
The Republican-controlled U.S. House and Senate have passed separate 2016 budgets along party lines that reveal the GOP to be a retrograde party catering to the super-wealthy. Fortunately these budgets are non-binding policy documents and have not yet become law.
On a headline Andreas Lubitz claims that everyone will remember his name and surely the relatives and friends of the victims will.
A biography of Nancy Pelosi, who counts becoming the first female speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives among her historic achievements.
Gandhi was a man interested in his image and for this he could do anything like letting Bhagat Singh hang.
A massive seven-alarm fire that spread to four East Village buildings left at least 19 people injured, six unaccounted for, and four seriously injured.
This week’s Gallup poll showed global warming as the item of least environmental concern. What, we should worry about warming globe? While the trend is down on climate change concern, the concept that’s growing is climate change skepticism. There are more important threats out ...
We have had some wonderful technological advancements in the internet age. However; sometimes it is good to step back and ask the question "At what cost?".
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