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The scene could have been bloody if a handgun was made to bark instead of shoving a shoe. Security could have prevented this but failed. There's a need to double their attention and alertness to thwart untoward future happenings.
how our form of capitalism has rendered the majority of the American public incapable of easing their economic and financial woes.
A Social Media Dashboard can be an invaluable tool for businesses that are spending any amount of time utilizing social media platforms for building their brand and marketing to potential & existing customers.
Joshua Kuttuny described as linchpin of peace and unity in East African country."I will continue wholeheartedly supporting development projects in my Cherangany constituency despite my busy schedule", he vows.
Blood Moon is the talk of the day. It is the effect of lunar eclipse that can be seen in some places on 15 April, 2014. Blood Moon is mentioned in the Bible as the symbol of a dreadful day. It is a challenge - a Christian challenge of faith.
America needs to stand up to Russia and show them that we are not willing to accept being provoked by warplanes and illegal lkand grabs. We need to reassert our place in the world.
This article includes information that is used by hackers and attackers to Jam signals. In this article you will learn about it and how to prevent yourself from this.
Addressing a rally in Maharashtra's Latur district, Rahul Gandhi unleashed his new found aggressive side on Congress' √Čnemy No.1-Narendra Modi.
Because more people than ever are now searching for local businesses using both standard and mobile devices, local SEO has become essential for any business that serves a specific geographic region.
Shocking news came from Russia. Intelligence they call Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 terrorists have hijacked Afghanistan.
It just because a seizure of a land in Ukraina, Russia attack Ukraina, However, some people judge it is not really a battle between Ukraine and Russia, but between the United States and Russia. How can it be?
Narendra Modi's recent comments about Neveen Patnaik and Mamata Banerjee are akin committing political hara-kiri.
In Florida, something called the "Felony Murder Rule" can land you in jail for life without possibility of parole for a crime someone else commits.
IPL season 7 first match will be played on April 16, 2014 between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The first IPL 2014 match will start following the IPL opening ceremony.
The place where the Guru was beheaded is now marked by a gurudwara called Sis Ganj. This Gurudwara was constructed in 1783 by a Sikh general Baghel Singh who had occupied Delhi at that time. The gurudwara interchanged hands beteen Muslims and Sikhs till 1930 when in a landmark judgeme...
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