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The Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday received some good news about the status of their right handed starting pitcher Johnny Cueto. Cueto who missed his last pitching start on Sunday due to stiffness on his pitching elbow.
After years of working with her dad Levon and other bands, Amy Helm is finally set to release her debut album.
Special Operations Speaks–SOS–an organization founded with a goal of educating U.S. citizens about threats to their country–has created a petition to impeach Hillary Clinton. It boasts approximately 30,000 signatures already.
This is a series on Peace Matters: Teaching the Language of Peace to the World. The primer introduces the basic principles of the Language of Peace or Nonviolent Communication (NVC). It also show how we underestimate ourselves, and how we might be greater than we learning t...
Sometimes second tier news commentators are complementary to the "star" tv commentator. Usually two partners in presenting the the news does not work. My favorite one was an exception.
The powers that be are pushing for a cashless society although some of the technology involved is hardly fit for purpose. But will going cashless and totally digital really be a benign move towards a safer, more convenient world, or will it amount to a monstrous invasion of privacy an...
Hope you all will able to get all important details about CBSE 12th Result 2015 on our articles.
The job of policeman is tough. No human can be beyond panicking in some situations no matter how well he is trained. But then, how many rounds would you have fired if you can't hear any sounds after a few?
America celebrates the Memorial Day on 25 May 2015. It makes us pass through the centenary memories of the First World War and the Seventieth anniversary memories of the Second World War. It may be a fitting thought at this occasion of this year’s Memorial Day to analyze why they sa...
Why the United States Department of Defense is vital for the security and stability of the world.
One victim of Human Trafficking was asked after rescuing about their stranded life. He said that they were facing a lot of problems including the hike of food. They sometimes need to have others' urine to remain alive. In this modern world, is it acceptable? I have some questions towa...
Finally, a voice of sanity flows from a possible presidential candidate. Jeb Bush thwarted presidential hyperbole on climate change, putting the non-existent phenomenon in its rightful place on the bottom of critical national concerns.
Here is a great piece of advice for everyone using text messages when setting up meetings; “Double check the number before hitting send!”
On Wednesday, May 20, 2015, David Letterman taped his last show at the Ed Sullivan Theater. Here is a final review of the man's career.
David Letterman is departing late-night television after 33 years on the airwaves.
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