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A look at some of the most evil and depraved women in the annals of crime.
Though she studied psychology to bend the wishes of her parents,my sister always had her eye on fashion design,and eventally,she ended up in the field that she loved.
This article is one of a series I am planning to clarify my accidental involvement in the unfolding drama around my posting of a pornographic image on the US-based Institute for Global Church Studies' Facebook group page. . "Trying the spirits" (1John 4: 1-5), I am currently treating...
The Marshall Tucker Band is Searchin' for a Rainbow around the United States.
Indianapolis Colts special assistant to the head coach Rob Chudzinski has signed a contract to be promoted to assistant head coach of the football team on Tuesday. Chudzinski joined the Colts coaching staff after he was terminated by the Cleveland Browns as their head coach after the ...
Warmer ocean temperatures, particularly in the Mid and North Atlantic, are fueling "historic" snowfalls in the northeastern United states.
The history and manufacture of Hemp. Some things you may not believe and may not know about the plant.
There is a snow advisory for the Northeast. There will be blizzard conditions with high winds.
Harlem’s crowned jewel, the Apollo Theater turns 81 today. The Apollo has remained a beacon of hope for anyone dreaming to make it big.
‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ choreographer Guillermo Grispo promises a ‘very intelligent explanation’ as to why Batman is a challenge for Superman.
Religious tolerance is not only for Muslims but all the religions of the world.
The Army counterinsurgency school in Mizoram has built up a tremendous reputation and foreign armies make use of Indian expertise in this field
A poem to celebrate 70 years of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Following the demise of king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, queen Ellizabeth has now become the oldest monarch of the world. The 88 years old queen was two years younger than the king Abdullah.
UFC 182 succeeded in delivering a match that expressed clearly enough that Conor McGregor is back. After an ACL injury forced him to the sidelines, he came back with a vengeance.
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