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Rock and Roll legend Billy Joel wins Library of Congress Prize.
funny crimes that have been busted because of new smart phone apps
Environmental Activist makes documentary detailing futility of Indian Point evacuation in the event of an emergency
We're living in the generation of technologies. Smart gadgets are being invented everyday. Today what I've brought to you guys is a Smartpen which does seem mightier than a keyboard.
South Portland, Maine has just passed an ordinance they call The Clear Sky Ordinance, which prohibits Canadian tar sands oil from being loaded on to barges and tankers to be exported from their port.
Wow 100,000 reads and counting on my posts, I am grateful for your kind comments and following of my posts and writing in this awesome forum!
What the Republican party must try to do to win the White House in 2016
There were speculations rife that Jaguar XF S 2.2 would launch in the last quarter of 2012,
The FAA expanded its prohibited fly-over list after the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over the Crimea. The FAA only warned against U.S. flight operations over Crimea since April, but not until Flight 17 met its fate did the FAA forbid our commercial airliners to fly there.
We have a silly survey regarding Record including Well-known Attitude Advertising Lifestyle.
Change, change and more change from Obama yet his presidency is a mess
what you need to know about health marijouna and food taste additives are in this post, read more to live long life
Evil sometimes has its way of entering our homes, our lives and its sole purpose is to cause destruction and mayhem! If you see a dybbuk box, never open it! Unless you are willing to cast your soul in the fiery pits of hell......
With so many borders in disarray at the present time, it is necessary to say I am writing about the immigration crisis at the USA/Mexico border.
Caroline Wozniacki beats Roberta Vinci in straight sets to win the Istanbul cup tournament. It was a final that showcased the top two seeds of the tournament and even though the scoreline was one sided, it was still a high quality final.
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