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The Oklahoma City Thunder who did not make the playoffs this basketball season are considering terminating their current coach Scott Brooks soon.
WARNING! Affiliated marketing is not a business... It is designed for those who seek to sell others goods!
Miranda Lambert is the big winner at the 50th anniversary of the Academy of Country Music Awards.
More than 300 people have been arrested in South Africa in connection with a wave of violence against immigrants from other parts of Africa, the minister of home affairs says.
A growing group of scientists is fighting back the insanity of climate change cultism. Because alarmist hypocrisy knows no bounds, scientists doubting the prospects of climate catastrophe organized to shed light on the two-faced talk.
Background of the parade and how it came to be. What the 2015 version had in store for parade goers.
Russia was a great power, but slid down and maybe Vladimir Putin will restore the glory of Russia.
Will mankind ever stop the violent terror that has plagued humanity through the ages?
Public funds are disbursed for the smooth running of government such as the making, repair and maintenance of roads, railroads, bridges, airports and seaports, etc. Money appropriated should be spent in full for the purpose. It is unlawful for officers involved in the transaction of t...
President Obama’s socialized health care law and immigration plan are both facing legal challenges this year that could stop them in their tracks. However, 26 percent of voters believe that Obama should be able to ignore the courts if he so desires.
Fast-food workers and other low-wage workers strike nationwide demanding a $15 minimum wage.
I scanned YouTube videos earlier and searched for Ed Sheeran’s songs. My plan is to listen to his songs while I am creating a post. I don’t know why these videos on homeless people came up on the search. I don’t know what I searched before that. But anyways, I was amazed with th...
Remembering one of the "greatest team ever assembled for any sports" 21 years ago.
A video of the scene was published on Saturday and cast discredit on the official version of events.
This is a list of those android apps that are worth trying.
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