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How Indian security and intelligence agencies are harassing, cheating and exploiting a harmless single woman engineer without proof for more than 5 years, falsely claiming that she is a security threat only because she has saved some money for her old age.
The Detroit Tigers have optioned their rookie right handed pitcher Drew VerHagen to the Toledo Mud Hens after he pitched one inning on Sunday in the Tigers 10-5 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays. The Tigers have promoted from the Mud Hens left handed relief pitcher Ian Krol to join their ...
The world is on the verge of chaos. It seems a new world disorder is going to commence soon.
Obituary for longtime actress and Douglas matriarch Diana Douglas.
In what looks like Iran running a red light, the militant nation got the green from the Obama Administration. For a nation that once showed strength against nuclear proliferation in Iran, the U.S. is about to enter the worst diplomatic agreement in its history.
If we are genuinely willing, our best is great enough. Opportunity is made, not given. The thing that made me think of writing this article is that too many people expect to be given something without meeting reality halfway. We must put forth on the waves of reality before we can exp...
The greatest time-travel movie of all time, Back to the Future, turns 30 today.
The ill-fated expedition of Col. Percy Fawcett, the man who never returned
As multi gas detectors are utilised to monitor a handful of potentially harmful substances at once
Those who have been wondering if Barack Obama's foreign policy could possibly get any worse, now have the answer to that question. The United States and Cuba are planning to open embassies in Washington, D.C. and Havana on the 20th of July. Obama made the announcement yesterday at a R...
A report of President Obama's announcement that America had agreed to re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba after 54 years.
According to a new report, Britain has 2.6 million vapers. Despite the increase in the number of vapers, these figures are a bit worrying because more smokers are not taking advantage of e-cigarettes to help them quit the lethal habit.
Greece threatens to sue the European Union to block the country's exclusion from the euro area
Last Tuesday at 6:15 pm New Jersey was hit by a huge storm. The winds were blowing 85mph. There were a lot of damages done by this storm. Amazingly no one was hurt.
Recent expose on Indian members of parliament eating meals that are almost 100 percent subsidized is going to have worse consequences.
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