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Singing competition "The Sing Off" plans tour for late winter and early spring.
National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell has announced this week there will no football teams that will relocate to the Los Angeles area in 2015.
President Obama's bold move to lift the embargo and reestablish diplomatic relations with Cuba is a wise move.
A problem that crops up time and again to two friendly countries should be attended to with dispatch and solved right at once so as not to cause further irritants. It must be ironed out in the so-called win-win basis.
Schalke meets in the second round of the Champions League Real Madrid. Dortmund travels first to Juventus Leverkusen meets Atletico Madrid. A tough time caught the FC Bayern.
Hackers are people who study, analyze, and then when they want to create, modify, or even exploit the system contained in a device such as computer software and computer hardware or the most well known is computer programs, administrative and other matters, particularly security that ...
Girrls will find the .32 a handy weapon for self defence. it's also avaailable cheap and is easy to fire.
China has banned the burkha in public places as well as fasting during Ramadan. Both steps show the Chinese will not tolerate dissent.
The reality of the latest budget deal in Washington intertwined with a hypothetical character who understands that in order to stop a financial catastrophe from happening is to seek the Presidency of the US and win.
An analysis into the trend towards eProcurement systems in African governments
as a result of the weak economy makes higher crime rates, because the needs and pressures of living is getting higher and not accompanied by adequate income plus the price of basic commodities continue to rise due to inflation, this is what triggers someone to reckless criminal act by...
Minister for Rehabilitation Gunaratne Weerakoon falsely accuses US Ambassador in Sri Lanka Michelle Sision of trying to bribe him
Roy Spencer and Joseph Bast debunked the climate change myth that 97% of scientists believe in man made global warming. Here, we describe why the claim is false. It was manufactured by John Cook as a deliberate misrepresentation designed to promote the global warming hoax, besmirch t...
Fifteen countries make up the European Union(EU). The map will show the countries that: -were EU members in 1994 -joined in 1995 -wish to join in the future.
The government of India removes a law that punishes "attempt to suicide" with imprisonment
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