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Learn about one of the Taliban Five. This man was traded, along with four others, for US citizen/soldier Bowe Bergdahl.
The Indian government recently announced that juveniles will be tried in regular courts for crimes like murder and rape. This is a long needed change. But how effective is the proposed change?
New Thursday Night Comedy Series at the Bear's Den this Fall.
Ray Allen conttact is up for the Heat and NBA teams are looking forward to getting him.
A Pew Research Study finds people reluctant to share their opinions about "hot button" topics via Facebook and Twitter. The author discusses the findings, and encourages expressing our opinions.
Pranab Mukherjee was the Congress nominee for President. He won, but he is not the right man for the job.
Obama and his administration are clueless about Islamic Terrorism and its threat. Their failure to act has resulted in thousands getting massacred. There is a rise of Domestic Terrorism as well, mostly a result of politically correct policies gone wild.
The need is apparent that only through campaign finance reform can the US return to a truer form of Democracy.
Just a compilation of some subjects we were debating about at last night backyard barbecue.
GATE is national level Indian exam for engineers. Apply for GATE exam and secure your seat in IITs exam if you got good marks in your score card. All details regarding GATE 2015 available here
The second and final live televised debate on the upcoming Scottish referendum on independence — voters in Scotland go to the polls on September 18 — took place Monday evening. Scottish National Party (SNP) Leader and Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond was judged the clear winn...
The guitar is arguably the world's most recognizable instrument. It is no doubt assisted by its 4000 year lineage
The right wing in this country throws a lot of lies out there and keeps repeating them until they are believed by many. It is an orchestrated political strategy.
We have lost many celebrities, well-known and well-loved. We also recently lost an American hero...but without all the fanfare and tributes. What a terrible shame.
Texas Governor Rick Perry made a bid for the 2012 White House and is signaling interest again for 2016. His admirers respected the man most for his plan for a prosperous America. Would the nation be different if Perry were president? You bet! Let’s have a look how.
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