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According to legal dominance feminism, gender-based violence is one of the biggest social problems of our age. The truth is, it is not even a real issue.
Four years ago, allegations against the then recently deceased Jimmy Savile led to a witch-hunt of celebrities. Here we go again.
The U.S. has a history of cases that are ripe with rape, murder, scandalous affairs, and racial tension.
Why is Rolf Harris in prison? The two women who set up this website would like to know, and by the time you have worked your way through it, so will you.
The phrase Scotland Yard was once recognisable worldwide as a term of excellence in the detection of crime. Today, it is a laughing stock.
The pressure group Women Against Rape claims the UK police are assisting rapists. How much truth is there in this?
Alexia Thomas is a living legend. In her own mind. The police think otherwise.
Who is Linda Anita Carty, and what is her connection with Krishna Maharaj, a man she has never met?
Recent terror outrages across the Western world have led to the belief in a vast Islamist conspiracy, but is there another, more plausible explanation?
DNA profiling has put many dangerous offenders behind bars, but it has also led to clearing the innocent. It is though, not without its dangers.
It’s been 20 years since a 6-year-old beauty queen was found dead in her Boulder, Colorado home.
Rape trauma syndrome is widely advocated by feminist so-called scholars to validate claims of rape, but like so much feminist dogma, it has no basis in fact.
In December 2013, Alexander Economou took a stunningly attractive young woman to bed. He is still counting the cost.
Air travel, where we place our lives in the hands of experienced and safety conscious flight captains,or are they?... Read on to find out more.
Like CCTV, the mobile phone has saved many men from unwarranted rape convictions.
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