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The quest for the Holy Grail was Sir Galahad's greatest achievement.
Out of the last ice age one tribe of humanity managed to secure the future for all civilization
The world today is facing very dire conditions. Global famine and acute fresh water shortages will trigger more violence and bloodshed if these conditions remain.
Fueled by the belief that basic education can serve as a powerful disinfectant against the soiled underbelly of everyday life, steps are now being taken in Italy to combat the menace of human trafficking. The weapon in this attack is the work of CNN International’s Freedom Project, ...
Today's reality of when this November darkness came crashing on down.
Veterans Day particularly respects every one of the brave men and women who served the country. On this exceptional day send veterans day Quotes to every one of your mates as an image of pride
Global peace is threatened by the acute fresh water shortages in so many places around the world.
The untold truth of what the United States has been doing ever since the beginning of the 20th century
The ever increasing plight of homelessness in America today.
The world today is actually controlled by the shadow masters who hid behind every politician and world leader.
A look at how things stand between the USA - NATO alliance and the Russia - China - Iran bloc in the wake of recent airstrikes on Syrian government forces by US, British and French military aircraft and drones.
Remembering when Autumn winds arrive memories always resurface of those summers of years past.
With the world on the very edge so many questions have to be asked and yet no one is asking them.
Why the United states has truly lost it's way and left our seniors out in the cold
The United states is on the verge of a great financial and economic disaster.
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