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Rainy season, the risk of diseases such as flu generally increased. If you do not keep the immune system strong, you could have that one disease.

to prevent the flu, there are some common ways that may not be done

Dr. Woodson Merrell , director of Beth Israel Medical Center for Health and Healing in New York said , to prevent the flu, there are some common ways that might not be done . Here's the translation from Merrell .
1 . Vigilant use of antibiotics
Merrell highlights common mistakes in the use of antibiotics to treat the flu . Because the infection that causes flu is caused by viruses , while more appropriate antibiotic to treat infections caused by bacteria . Not to mention , the risk of irrational use of antibiotics can lead to bacterial resistance and thus require higher doses of antibiotics again at the next opportunity .
2 . Vapor inhaled menthol

It may sound like old advice , but according to Merrell , this is an effective way to prevent or treat the flu . " Menthol can act as an expectorant , decongestant that can help fight infection , either fever or flu , " he explained .
3 . Check your vitamin D levels
The body naturally produces vitamin D , but you need sun exposure to activate it . But surprisingly , according to the Harvard School of Public Health , nearly one billion people in the world are deficient in vitamin D in the body .
" In fact, vitamin D is a vitamin that plays an important role in the immune system , " says Merrell .
A Japanese study on 340 children showed that those given vitamin D supplements 40 percent more resistant to cold than those who were given a placebo . Not just for the flu , vitamin D is also known to help to fight an infection in general .
4 . Increase the room humidity
One study showed that the flu virus is more difficult to survive in moist environments because they generally live in environments with low humidity levels . Therefore, if the humidity is set moist , flu virus will be difficult to infect humans .
5 . Move
Research shows that mild to moderate exercise that is done every day can reduce the risk of flu infection by a third . A study published in Science in Sport & Exercise calculate the rate of infection in 641 people were divided into inactive and active medium . As a result, they are more difficult active infection compared to 33 percent who are not active .
6 . Expand eat vegetables and fruit
According to Merrell , plant -based diet will make you healthier than animal -based . He said this as plant -based foods rich in phytonutrients which play an important role in maintaining health and fighting disease .
7 . Use herbs and spices antiinflammatory and antibacterial
Herbs and spices are known to help fight infections caused by influenza virus , such as garlic and turmeric . Both contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds that are needed to keep the body from disease . Therefore , Merrell advised to use them in their daily diet .
8 . Wash your hands and do not touch the face
When they fall sick system means the virus has entered the body through the cracks like through the eyes , mouth , or nose . So every time you touch these parts with dirty hands , you increase the risk of falling ill .
9 . Use tea tree oil
Tea tree oil has been known since long as the antivirus is able to fight the flu . In fact , his ability has been proven through research to the human laboratory .
10 . cover sneezes
If you are washing your hands and avoiding touching the face , one more thing to do is close sneezing . When sneezing , you spend millions of virus is easily spread and infect others . In addition , you also must immediately discard a used Kleenex cover sneezes and wash hands again .
11 . consumption of honey
Honey has antimicrobial compounds that are important for fighting infection . Merrell advised to incorporate honey into hot drinks such as tea , smoothies , until the food like oatmeal .
12 . Keep hydrated
Water is needed to keep the body system is running fine . Good body system also means the immune system better so that you are infected is more difficult and easily recover from illness .


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