2013 Ways to Start a Good Year

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Identifying the what is good and bad in the here and now, followed by a list and discussion of lessons learned in the year 2012. Pointed remarks about mistakes that should not be repeated will lead into important topics to be dealt with most immediately. Announcing some wonderful, most spectacular events that might, almost for sure happen if conditions in the heavens turn out to be right. Positive suggestion to help create your own Good Year.

What's Good About It?

The sun is still rising and my eyes are opening.
I am unable to get up on the right side of the bed as it is against the wall but my feet still find the floor.
I have plenty of batteries for my hearing aids.
My breathing is much easier since I quit smoking cigarettes two years ago.
The new american president isn't any worse then the one we had last term.
My fellow Americans are becoming more aware that the politicians are not aware or do not care about the interests of the people.
The Mississippi River will most likely stay open to freight transport due to dredging. There is a new hybrid tomato plant that produces two pound fruit being offered this spring.
The cat still greets me and we rub foreheads as I walk by.
Wikinut is still here with a pallet to paint my views on and learn more about writing.

Lessons Learned

There are new generations being born everyday.
It seams history is being ignored and old mistakes are being repeated.

Do world leaders care about anyone or anything besides their own power and wealth ?

Would you get on a plane to Paris and expect to land in Hawaii ?

What do you think it means when the wealthy leader of a country raises taxes for those in his income bracket then moves to another country to escape it ?

If you lived in a naturally devastated area anywhere in the world and had not received any type of aid after six weeks does that Government consider you expendable ?

Should I expect some one else to help me without trying to help myself first ?

If I point my finger in blame at someone else are there not three fingers pointing back at me ?
I guess there is one conclusion that will stand the test of time; that weak and strong leaders will take advantage of in complacent weak followers.
The world will keep changing with or without my approvals, and I will have to adjust with my best efforts to realize my purpose for being born.
I choose to be a positive and caring influence without imposing myself over others.

I Will Not Make That Mistake Again

It is not good to leave chocolate Oreo cookies setting, on a plate, out side on the patio table, while you go inside to answer a call. If you do be sure and check the cookies, when you get back; I didn't, and baby black ants blend right in with the cookie.

If you work on a construction site, be sure about who you trust. After arriving early to a job the manager asked me to do prep on a deck to get ready for the concrete to be poured that day. There were no stairs installed yet, so he brought a ladder. I asked where it came from and he said " the painter he has plenty ". An hour later I was done with the prep and unable to get down, the painting crew had the ladder.

Don't recharge a battery that's not rechargeable -- enough said!

Remarks on politics

A fellow employee once told me the best way to tell when a salesman is lying is watch him real close; if he talks you caught him. He would then follow by saying politicians are salesman. He was the lead salesman.
His advise to me was very sound, he told me I was in the service department and if I wanted to be successful with the customer it would be best to remember they don't want to hear promises or how the work will be done, they are ready for it to be completed!

I will not vote for someone just because the name is on the ballot.
I would not follow a pied piper intentionally.

History will continue and be brighter because of the efforts of the common everyday human being, not politicians.
People are able to see facts more readily then before but, should take care; as some media productions have been made to influence and twist perceptions for profit.

I personally don't believe everyone in politics ignores their responsibility.

What Will Be Done?

My ancestors and parents did there best, and just like all other life on the planet went through many repetitious cycles, hopefully passing on and imparting some improvement

I will do my best to move forward and help family and community to overcome problems.
I will share success and cheer in small everyday ways first and then work steadily to complete larger tasks as quickly as resources allow.
Encouragement and support of those around me will be a positive influence and help them to make good decisions as well.
Spreading appreciation and light humor is good for everyone.
Planting good seeds with lots of nourishment and proper care are very productive weather in the garden or in the mind.

Get Ready for The Show

I love to look in the sky at night for so many reasons. In January through to spring Where I live in Colorado, USA, the star Sirius is so bright in the sky like a blue white diamond, and other nights because of differences in the atmosphere, it is like a giant prism on a spot light shimmering with all the colors of imagination.
It has been known in India for centuries as Svana, Prince Yadhistira's faithful dog and companion. There are always many objects passing near or hitting the earth at any moment in our time, and scientist so far have not detected immediate danger.
On March 10-2013, Comet C/2011 L4 Panstarrs will pass as close as it will get to our sun.
On November 28-2013 Comet C/2012 S1 Ison will be in it's closest approach to the sun.
Ison is expected to be very bright and possibly break into pieces from the gravity of our sun.


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Author: DuitByJames Photographs By: James A McFarlin

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
18th Jan 2013 (#)

What a share, James, covering so much and thought provoking. You have sown a variety of seeds in my mind to ponder. I need to read again to grasp the topics covered. We keep fighting till our last breath like our ancestors did. Had they given up, we would not have seen the light of the day - siva

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author avatar Buzz
18th Jan 2013 (#)

Great star page, my friend James! Thanks.

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author avatar DuitByJames
18th Jan 2013 (#)

Thank You Siva, technology today makes it easy to over fill your schedule. It can be very hard to choose which important responsibility will be put aside till later, without being overcome with frustration.

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author avatar DuitByJames
18th Jan 2013 (#)

Thank You johnnydod for your wonderful moderation.

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author avatar DuitByJames
19th Jan 2013 (#)

Thank You Buzz, this is my first solo star page. The comment's from readers are very helpful, it is good to hear from you.

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
20th Jan 2013 (#)

Good ideas and well written too.

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author avatar DuitByJames
20th Jan 2013 (#)

Thank You, I am doing more for less out of necessity lately. It is always nice to be needed. I read your article on transportation. The Mississippi is a problem here.

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author avatar Vartika
22nd Jan 2013 (#)

Great observations James and uniquely presented. Am looking forward to an improved self and improved conditions in 2013!

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author avatar DuitByJames
22nd Jan 2013 (#)

I know you will have a good year, and wish you the best.

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author avatar Vartika
23rd Jan 2013 (#)

Thanks James

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