2015: year of the Jubilee

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Septermber 2015 marks the Jubilee, the Shmitta year. seven x seven +1 the Great Jubilee the Torah does not fully reveal the reasons for shmita, which is the mitzvah to let the Land lay fallow during the sabbatical year.

Understanding the shmitta

September 2015 marks the Jubilee, the Shmitta year. seven x seven +1 the Great Jubilee the Torah does not fully reveal the reasons for shmitta, which is the mitzvah to let the Land of Israel lay fallow during the sabbatical year.

January 1, 2015 today it is about the law. You do not force your free will upon anyone, you do not eat the lion until you become the lion. You allow the lion to eat you, until you become the lion. The lion represents the king of nature the physical existence of the law. Once you understand that to consume the law is to denigrate the law, the law must become you. You do not become the law! ever! The universe operates upon free will based upon unconditional love. there is no pointing in a specific direction. This is why Satan tempts, he points to the direction ‘why not that’

So if we eat the lion, we indeed force our will into a specific direction, to a specific image. This is why those who believe they are above the law become the men of sin. When we allow the law to consume us, we fulfill the law, do you know what is beyond the law? The whole image of God…the great unknowable becomes known, he is the ancient of days, the full remembrance of existence resides in that image, it is the complete thought. We in fthe fallen state represent the incomplete thought, because we do not remember, we experience death or the cutting off of memory, because we try to consume the Lion. We can not project our own image upon anything, projecting your own image is the great sin of Cain.

Sin croutcheth at thy door…and why because Abel produced all the first fruits…she did so through unconditional love…Cain provided the seed for Abel’s fruition, and did not produce the fruits.. only seem the completion of his work, through his sister’s fruition. This is why Abel’s sacrifice was greater than Cain’s. Because everything she produced was part of the sacrifice, every living organism produced by her is marked for death…And so Cain slayed Abel in the field. He projected his image upon her, forcing her to bring forth his image. This is the second fall and the judgement upon the earth.

Everything brought forth from the womb then becomes marked with death. What is death, beside the cutting off of breath? it is the cutting off of existence and all ‘recorded’ history. Therefore our memory of our existence is cut off. Here’s to 2015, I am the ressurection and the light, who ever believeth in me shall not perish but have everlasting life, the breath is no longer cut off, we recognize the beat of the aut, the universal heart which beats between aleph and tav… between unconditional love, and free will. .we pray for redemption, which is the revelation of the whole image of god. Right now we have great faith, but waiting just outside the periphery is the great knowledge, the complete thought.

This is why this can only ever be a past based conditional existence. Eve ate the apple…and subjected all to the law. All the past must then be judged by the law because we are headed in a specific direction. So we then try to consume the law. This year is a shmitta year, the 7th jubilee of 7 jubilees. It is a jubilee. This is a year when lands lay fallow and all sacrifice stops, and all debt forgiven, nature is allowed her long needed rest, only then might she ressurect. Therefore in this shmitta year, the year of Jubilee, forgive often, forgive all debts….In this year of judgment we must ask that judgment come in the way of mercy and not severity, and to do this we must give to God, what is God’s, and that is the chance to reveal himself wholly….I know that when that happens we will see how perverse we have truly become. But that would be the last judgment, YOUR IMAGE AGAINST GOD’S Truly god’s will be done, there is nothing hidden, no thought that has been cut off that will not be wholly revealed. It shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel. Genesis 3:15 and so began the battle of gog and magog. Why is the woman’s head wounded by the bite of the serpent, because of his bite, she can only produce in one direction, cutting off all other directions, or images, producing the incomplete thought, therefore a thought marked for death. therefore she can only go in the directions he wants, this represents the wholy shekinah which produces in all directions at once, as the random equation of natural selection…but now she can only produce by what the serpent projects upon her….she shall bruise his heel, he thinks he will ’perfect his own image’ that his image will reign supreme, but the woman shall be nipping and biting his heel, after all she has some say over her own womb, and so he will never get to where he wants his image to go. There is no supreme human image for this reason…this is why those who believe they are supreme, villify all other images, because it’s the only way he can feel superior, through the accusing finger….but he fails to remember that when you point the accusing finger, 3 fingers point back at you.

And so Nature is looking to rest in this great Jubilee, rest from the weary task of being forced by the evil inclination to project in a certain direction, this is sure death…Therefore we must honor all the law during the Jubilee, the Jubilee allows the great Lion of the Jungle, the great god of creation who created the 6 sides of the cube and rests in 7, completetion, to rest.

It is only through this incredible rest that nature is restored. Nature than has time to nurture and heal, and judgement is than on the side of mercy and not severity.

So allow the land to lay fallow, forgive all debts, forgive everyone you believe has ever wronged you. Love much because Love is the greatest healer of all…Plant a tree.

Plant a Tree, during the shmitta year the land is allowed to rest, it is time to take the suckling, the seedling and place her in fertile ground for the next smitta. Do this in remembrance of Nature and how she has nurtured you throughout your existence and with every breath you take. we can bring forth the truest form of potential and ‘complete the thought’

this is a shmitta year, let’s give thanks and praise to the lord, in this year of greatest judgement, let us reflect on the whole image, let’s try to complete the thought…completing the thought is the return of Messiah!


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