5 Distinct Features Those Are Exclusive to Boarding Schools

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Right education at school contributes to the character of a child and also to the bright future of a nation. So, choosing a good school for your child is very important. While a regular school focusses primarily on the academics of the child, a boarding school is able to enhance the overall potential of the child.


A boarding school is not just an institute but a place that fosters a huge number of students with such high values and characteristics that are important for the future of a bright nation. Boarding schools are not like ordinary schools that cater to your children for definite hours of a day.

The difference between boarding schools and regular schools does not summarize here. Mentioned underneath are the distinct features of a boarding school:

1. Imbibes the values of being independent

The first and the foremost distinctive feature of boarding schools is that it contributes in making the child independent. When in regular school, the parent cares about the homework as well as the other aspects related to school.

But, when at boarding school, the child itself would start tending to such needs. In this manner, he learns to take care of his own needs. Also, such attention to detail helps to enhance the decision-making power of the child.

2. A good exposure to every facet of education

Education is not solely about academics but it is the method of acquiring knowledge, skill, values, habits and beliefs. When at a normal school, the focus is mainly on the academics and the school might also arrange few extracurricular activities once in a while.

But, when a child is at boarding school, he has adequate access to sports and athletic activities. There are several boarding schools that are known for their strong sports teams and performers. Many players also make it to the national as well as international level.

3. Help them understand the concept of co-existing and networking

At home, the child lives in comfort almost all the time. He is pampered and all his wishes are fulfilled in the exact manner he wants. But, when at boarding school, he learns to adjust and make the most out of his opportunities. This makes him understand the value and the virtue to co-exist. He learns to handle different situations of life right from a tender age. This aids a person’s growth into a smart person as he knows the key to a balanced life. He learns to make friends and also gets to know, how tricky can life be.

4. Experience Unity in Diversity

A boarding school hires students from different locations, so your child gets to know about the different cultures. At the same time, he retains his own culture and values as well. So, a feeling of unity in diversity is imbibed right from the beginning. He learns that a person should never be discriminated on the basis of his caste, creed or colour. All that matters is the person’s character and his conduct with others.

5. 24X7 Supervision

24x7 supervision is another thing that makes a boarding school one of kind. A parent might not always keep a watch on what their child is doing, but when at boarding school, measures are taken to ensure that the child is not bullied or a part of any illicit activities.


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