5 Important Nutrition and danger If Consuming Excessive

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Consumption of some foods should be limited, for example, sugars, sodium, etc.. Several types of nutrients contained in the food good, can be bad for your health anyway if consumed in excess.

Here are five types of nutrients essential to be aware of their consumption

1 . Omega - 3 Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are known to fight inflammation causes aging and other diseases . In addition , these fatty acids also can reduce the risk of heart disease , diabetes , depression , skin health , and maintain the function of the brain . But a recent study shows, too much intake of fatty acids can interfere with the body's immunity and reduce the body's ability to fight infections caused by bacteria .

The researchers are concerned about ' layered effect ' when someone takes seafood , fish oil supplements , and eating eggs , drinking orange juice , and cereal . To prevent excess omega - 3 fatty acids present, consult with a nutritionist so that you can determine how much of the amount of fatty acids that you can consume.

2 . vitamin C

During this vitamin C is known as the ' benevolent fairy ' is very important for health menajga , among others, to maintain healthy bones , teeth , blood flow , adn skin . Vitamin C is also an antioxidant which delays aging and chronic disease mendegah . Previous researchers also have determined the maximum dose limit one's intake of vitamin C is 2,000 mg .

Unfortunately , excess consumption of vitamin C was dangerous for some people . That too much vitamin C can interfere with the work of digestion , causing diarrhea , nausea and vomiting , headache , insomnia , kidney stones up . Therefore , pay attention to your intake of vitamin C with meperolehnya only from natural ingredients . Here are some fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C : broccoli , sprouts / sprouts , sour fruits ( kiwi , strawberry , pineapple , and other ) , and papaya .

3 . Zink

Zinc can be found in every grain of your blood cells . I wonder if the role is very important to support the body's immunity , as well as keeping the functionality peglihatan , smell, taste , healing , circulation and blood sugar levels , metabolism , and proper thyroid function . The maximum dose is 40 mg zinc intake per day . The study states , consumption below that dose will not be a problem , but more than that can bring ' disaster ' .

Consumption of zinc is too much and too long , it would interfere with the digestive system , often feel dizzy , increasing sweat production , interfere with muscle coordination , bring about alcohol intolerance , and hallucinations . Worse yet , too much zinc will lower the body's immunity , increasing the risk of heart attack , and make the mouth ' taste ' rust . Such as omega- 3 fatty acids , zinc can be obtained from a variety of foods and supplements . In fact , zinc is also contained in deodorizing sprays mouth .

4 . iron

Iron in the body most commonly found in blood cells , because the function that binds oxygen to be circulated to the entire organ . This essential mineral is also involved in the regeneration of cells and enzymes necessary to maintain a healthy body .

Women who are still menstruating , loss of iron in large amounts each time period. But not berartri men and post-menopausal women may be calm about her iron levels . They just have to control your intake of iron into the body , because once the iron in the blood stream , it will be difficult for him to get out again .
People who suffer from a genetic disease called hemochromatosis , it will be easier bind iron . Excess iron is going to have an impact on organ systems and tissues , to the heart and liver . The maximum dose of iron adult women is 18 mg per day . As for men and postmenopausal women is 8 mg per day . Therefore , if you are taking certain supplements that contain iron , make sure the levels are not excessive .

5 . calcium

Calcium is the ' leading role ' in the bone . However it turns out , the level of calcium in the body must be maintained to preserve normal working liver , nerve , muscle function , and control the balance of acid and alkaline in the body . Women tend to be more conscious of calcium due to the anti - osteoporosis , but still must be vigilant and not to excessive calcium mengosumsi .

Proper dosage of calcium for adults aged under 50 years old is 2,500 mg , while after 51 years and beyond is 2,000 mg per day . Excess calcium will affect the elevated levels of calcium in the blood that could potentially cause kidney problems and damage the thin tissue of the body . In addition , too much calcium also makes constipation , and interfere with the absorption of iron and zinc . Therefore, do not double the calcium intake with food , drink milk , and supplements containing calcium .


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