51 World Pollution Facts

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Pollution is happening all around us and whether we wish to ignore it, pollution will still be there and the waste all around us will continue to pile. People are sometimes unaware about what pollution can actually cause and can only be astounded once faced with the situation or when presented some facts.

Global pollution facts

Fact 1: People from all over the world do not have drinking water available in their country. There is an estimate of 1 billion people who are denied drinking water privileges.

Fact 2: Pollution is the biggest killer in the world. It affects more than 100 million people worldwide.

Fact 3: Roughly around 14 billion pounds of waste is disposed within our world oceans, the majority of which is plastic. This has led to the creation of garbage patches in our oceans, with the Great Pacific Patch being the largest one containing 7 million tons of plastic waste and being 9 deep in the water.

Fact 4: There is an estimate that around 5.000 people die every day due to the consumption of unhealthy or unclean water.

Fact 5: Pollution affects animals in a great deal, so 1 million seabirds fall victim to pollution and 100 million mammals a year.

Fact 6: 46% of the lakes situated in the US are unsafe for swimming, fishing and other aquatic activities due to large levels of pollutants present in them.

Fact 7: There is a 20% higher chance for people who live in highly polluted areas to get cancer opposed to the people who live in less polluted areas.

Fact 8: The great “Smog Disaster” that happened in London back in 1952 has cause the death of around 4.000 people. Some people died within four days of being exposed to the situation mainly because of high levels of pollutants in the air.

Fact 9: Originating from the Mississippi river and ending up in the Gulf of Mexico, there is an estimated 1.5 million metric tons of nitrogen waste being dumped in the Gulf that way.

Fact 10: Interestingly, the USA consumes 25% of the world’s resources and in return produces 30% of the world’s waste. Not a fair trade.

Fact 11: Approximately 1 trillion gallons of untreated water and industrial waste is dumped in the US water, causing various devastating effects.

Fact 12: About 3 million children under the age of 5 die each year due to various environmental pollution factors.

Fact 13: Kids actually produce and are responsible for about 10% of the world’s pollution, but are in fact 40% more prone to different global diseases.

Fact 14: The two largest producers of carbon dioxide in the world are China and the USA.

Fact 15: Recycling and composting have managed to stop and prevent a total amount of 85 million tons of waste being dumped in 2010 alone.

Fact 16: Many people are not aware about noise pollution and it ranks as the most unknown kind and most neglected type of pollution.

Fact 17: India dumps its 80% of urban waste in the river Gang.

Fact 18: Despite the fact that livestock waste is mostly responsible for soil pollution, during monsoon season, for example, winds can carry various dangerous bacteria made by livestock and affect the waters that way, affecting and polluting numerous rivers that way.

Fact 19: Greenhouse emissions made from fossil fuels have devastating effect on our oceans. The oceans are becoming more acidic this way as the process of acidification is becoming more apparent and is one of the worst types of pollution present.

Fact 20: The amount of money that is currently invested in nuclear research and testing equals to 8.000 hand pumps, which people from third world countries can desperately use.

Fact 21: A mixture of more than 100 pesticides that are currently found in water, air or soil can lead to birth defects, gene mutation and even cancer.

Fact 22: Currently 500 million cars exist in the world, with estimations that the number will double by the year 2030 and rise to 1 billion vehicle. Consequently, air pollution will double as well.

Fact 23: Groundwater contains around 72 different strains of pesticides, the water which is also used as drinking water.

Fact 24: Oil spills are devastating to the world waters as they spread fast and affect waters everywhere around the world. The most frequent and most dangerous oil spills have occurred in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fact 25: People who live in urban areas and house owners usually use chemicals which are 10 stronger than the ones used by farmers in rural parts.

Fact 26: Sadly, the River Gang is gradually becoming septic mainly due to the dumping of half burned dead bodies and enshrouded babies.

Fact 27: Around 1.000 children die in India because of the effects of polluted water.

Fact 28: The area in Guiyu, China is famous for being a massive e-waste site which cause many children from there to suffer from various respiratory problems. Around 88% of the children are in fact affected and some end up with fatal outcomes.

Fact 29: According to scientists, carbon dioxide emissions lower the pH of the oceans, thus acidifying them even more.

Fact 30: The cleanest place on Earth is in fact Antarctica, as it is protected by anti-pollution laws.

Fact 31: One car has the capacity of producing half a ton of CO2, while a NASA space shuttle has the capacity to produce 28 tons of CO2.

Fact 32: A Tsunami that devastated Japan in 2011 has caused around 70 miles of debris, mainly consisting of cars, houses, radioactive waste and dead bodies.

Fact 33: 29 million bottles of water are bought by Americans each year. Only 13% of that amount gets to be recycled.

Fact 34: Cadmium is a lesser known but very dangerous pollutant. It can cause death in foetus’ sex organ cells. Its small amount is actually found in all of the food products we eat and beverages we consume.

Fact 35: The amount of pollution in China is so great that it can actually affect the weather in the United States.

Fact 36: Only 5 days is needed for a jet stream to carry the pollution produced in China to the US.

Fact 37: According to the research of the World Health Organization (WHO), around 6.400 people die in Mexico annually from air pollution.

Fact 38: The UAE is actually one of the biggest water consumers in the world but also one of the largest waste producers as well.

Fact 39: One person in the US has the capacity to approximately produce 2 kg of waste each day.

Fact 40: From every 1 million tons of oil that is shipped across the seas, 1 ton of it gets spilled during its transport.

Fact 41: There is an estimated that around 3 billion people currently use open fires and leaky stoves to heat up their homes or shelters. This greatly contributes to air pollution and overall global warming effects.

Fact 42: The majority of hazardous materials discharged in the atmosphere actually end up in our waters and lands.

Fact 43: 1 million people around the world die due to the effects of Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which has directly developed because of indoor pollution.

Fact 44: Producing glass out of recycled materials rather than from raw materials reduces air pollution for 20% and water pollution for 50%.

Fact 45: People who are more susceptible to high ozone levels include children, elderly people, people with lung diseases and outdoor people.

Fact 46: Not smoking does not spare you from the possible causes of lung cancer as an equal affect may be caused by the exposure to ozone and particulates.

Fact 47: Areas which are close to traffic roads, railroads or seaports have a higher level of concentrated pollution.

Fact 48: In cities with high traffic congestion it is likely that the pollution will seep into your car, making the air inside your vehicle 10 times more polluted than the actual city air.

Fact 49: According to the International Wildlife Magazine, in the year 1987 the US released a total amount of 670.000 tons of waste into the soil and 250.000 tons into the water.

Fact 50: 41% of insecticides in the US are used on corn. Around 8% of these are used to treat a pest that can merely be treated by rotating the corn.

Fact 51: Carpooling and using public transportation can reduce overall air pollution and save you money as well.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
15th Jul 2015 (#)

Pollution is the one of the biggest challenges we face and kills people before their time.

We have to live in harmony with nature to make our lives truly worth the while.

Thanks for this highlight - siva

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author avatar peachpurple
15th Jul 2015 (#)

Pollution is killing the animals on land and in the sea, it is killing our planet earth

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author avatar Ptrikha
20th Jul 2015 (#)

Quite worrisome facts.

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