8 health problems are due to the Thyroid Gland

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Thyroid Problems Thyroid with thyroid gland or lack of thyroid activity or presence in the composition of the thyroid gland problems such as tumors.

8 health problems are due to the Thyroid Gland

Thyroid Problems Thyroid with thyroid gland or lack of thyroid activity or presence in the composition of the thyroid gland problems such as tumors. The thyroid gland may be the reason why many of the symptoms without having to learn it. There are some problems that may occur in your body and does not know its cause in fact is the main reason behind it is the thyroid gland, which obliges you to consult a doctor or diagnosis yourself by knowing the following reasons to know what is a thyroid problem for you.

1. Changes in the strange weight:

Because the thyroid gland is the forex trading markets regularly trade organization of the metabolic process, a lot of thyroid hormone causes acceleration in the different functions of the body. Therefore, it makes sense if you suffer from weight loss weird, unexpected, hyperthyroidism may be responsible for that. On the other hand, if your body increases in weight significantly without reason, is likely to be the cause of the thyroid gland, in the sense of a slowing in the functions of the body. Northland is the increase of weight here is not the meaning of obesity, but the increase of weight limits of 5.10 kg. The slow pace and progress and excess weight raise a lot of doubts and concerns, and the offender here the thyroid gland.

2. Drowsiness:

If you feel tired despite adequate sleep, may be the thyroid gland is the reason. Fatigue is one of the symptoms of low thyroid activity. And is the kind of undue fatigue, where feel tired when you wake up in the morning after a full night's sleep. This is not evidence of lack of fatigue or sleep deprivation, is evidence of the lack of activity of the thyroid gland. But patients who suffer from HYPERTHYROIDISM, feel a different kind of fatigue, and is FATIGUE you as you are hiking.

3. The sense of cold in August heat in February:

Feeling cold in midsummer, and wear in your hot water, evidence of a deficiency in the thyroid gland. On the contrary, if worn in your in cold weather, and felt the internal secretory perspiration, possibly due to the presence of excessive activity in the thyroid function.

4. The existence of problems with the menstrual cycle and pregnancy:

For women, menstrual disorders are a common and shared both of the shortcomings of the functions of the thyroid gland, or HYPERTHYROIDISM. There is a deficiency in thyroid function makes the monthly session long and heavy, while in the case of the overactive thyroid monthly session will become shorter and lighter. In addition, the both cases cause fertility problems, especially in the case of shortcomings of the thyroid function. And the reason for this is the existence of problems with the thyroid gland causing an increase in the hormone prolactin increases or after activities, which hinders the direct way other PITUITARY hormones that regulate ovulation and menstruation. In the case of pregnancy, thyroid problems even if simple, problems in the brain growth of the child. It is therefore necessary for a woman to examine the thyroid gland, particularly if they have a family history with the thyroid gland problems, and must be the work of this examination early in the beginning of pregnancy.

5. The nervousness and depression:

HYPERTHYROIDISM increases the speed of the performance of the functions of the body, which makes you nervous, quick tempered. It is the symptoms of hyperthyroidism moodiness and nervousness. While in the case of deficiencies in the activity of the thyroid gland, slowing in the vital functions of the body, which makes the patient feel depression, or even forgotten. And Depression is one of the most common symptoms of the shortcomings of the thyroid gland.

6. Dry skin and hair fall:

Dry skin in the summer is something abnormal on the contrary of the winter season, which features get drier skin. And this is one of the common symptoms of the inadequacy of the thyroid gland, causing a few perspire leaving skin dry and wet. And that can affect the thyroid gland on the hair, causing her to fall., causing low levels of the thyroid gland, an imbalance in the hair growth cycle.

7-a strange block in the neck:

The most common symptoms of thyroid cancer disease is the presence of a tumor or mass in the neck, while the other symptoms are difficulty in swallowing and pain in the neck or throat and voice hoarse. And there are cases of thyroid cancer does not show any of these symptoms.

8. Other problems:

The thyroid gland problems caused by the increase of weight, weight loss and fatigue and tension. And there are other symptoms such as: constipation, high cholesterol and memory problems and sweating and the speed of the pacemaker and Etc.. It is recommended only"be not to disregard any of these symptoms as the characteristics of the nature of aging or mood, but attention must be paid to the work of an immediate check of thyroid activity as soon as possible. And the doctors say we should not keep silent about any of these problems that may face, because the treatment may be very easy.


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