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Zionists and Illuminates are heading towards WWIII!

What is happening and what is DEEMED to happen if the world is going to be in status-quo.

Wait ! Don’t get to conclusion without the proof and this is what makes a person unique from others.Alot has been said about Zionists and Illuminates but who they are?What is their agenda?How does it work?
Obviously,whenever we hear a conspiracy-theory,something is always behind it lest it was a “Fairy-Land” stuff from some common man.But when we come to LEARNED resources and individuals,who despite the pressure and threats from the opposition,reveal the truth and let people know what is going on.
Two years ago, I came across a series on Youtube which entitled ” Arrivals”. I was in England and a colleague told me about this Youtube series and asked me to search for it.I did,and it was shocking for me to know so many unknown truths about how our lives are being controlled and how monopoly is ruining our businesses,earnings,wages,etc.(Read my another article on triond ” Exploitations and Monopoly”).The series of incidents that happened,are happening and believe me,will happen in near future,are not merely coincidents instead,this is what we call pre-planned “drama” to be staged in certain times.And unfortunately, the news media like FoxNews,CNN, CNBC,BBC,and newspapers as,Washington Post, New York Times and other major media, also terrorising people with false and made-up stories which leads them act savagely and declear the other nation a “terrorist”or”evil” nation while they would not know what is the REALITY.

The world suddenly didn’t change after 9/11,it took some time for the “Think-Tanks” to ponder and make a strategy which would lead to a major disaster. It started with the fall of Soviet’s super power.America and the allies had invested big time in this game to topple the regime and to implement “NWO”-New World Order was to make people,nation and countries to subdue to America and its policies. Then some incidents of Pearl Harbour, Pakistani Mir Aimal Kasi’s attack on CIA Headquarter,and other incidents paved way for the Americans to fulfill their agenda of controlling the world with a phrase,”Are you with us or not?” and threatening otherwise,to teach lesson and make the country “a stone-age”.And this is what happened with Pakistan.

Pakistan’s geography is very important for the Americans as it borders with two South Asian powers,China and India.Also,Durand Line with Afghanistan makes it strategically important.Pak-China friendship is famous and as China is rising to be the next Super Power of the world,this is America’s utmost need to manipulate and force Pakistan to withdraw from China friendship.
The next strategy,after Osama’s death drama which is still a mystery as no video,no photographs have been revealed while an operation was accomplished in Abbottabad,Pakistan,is to control Pakistan somehow.Pakistani President,Premier,Army and other security agencies’ statements are vague and clearly mention there is something wrong while inside Pakistan,the masses are demanding for a specific statement which would reveal the REAL situation of what happened,how it happened?As we know,Pakistan possess nuclear technology and it is the ONLY Islamic country,so for Zionists and Illuminates,this is the only land which could be a threat for them in the coming future.
I think that Pakistan would be blamed for incidents like 9/11 ( if that sort of incident happens again and most likely,it might happen in very near future), especially its ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) which is already doubtful to the Americans as they blamed ISI to be hiding the facts and showing duality.In the current situation, CIA and ISI are in conflict as Americans clearly broke the international laws while attacking sovereignty of Pakistan.One can hope for a good future but this seems very difficult because those who believe in religions,know that an “Anti-Christ” has to appear who will hold the world and spread blood-shed and control the world according to its wishes.Are American Zionists/Illuminates paving the way for Anti-Christ?


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