9-5 Jobs are Slavery - Free the shackles

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There are many people who have been working for some one, some large organization or the government and has no owned anything for themselves. They live from hand to mouth after slaving everyday to make someone else rich.

9-5 Jobs are Slavery, free the shackes

In today world, it seems that the more you work, the harder life becomes for you. The cost of basic food items have escalated, yet our salaries remain the same. Medical benefits have gone up, some are being taken away from employees, simply because employers cannot bear the financial burden any more. The natural disasters are wreaking havoc on agriculture. The man made viruses and genetically engineered insects and plant disease are killing our agricultural sector. How much is the common 9-5 worker going to bear, we cannot run down our bodies working 2-3 jobs just to pay the light, water and cable bill. I find it repetitive and ridiculous how the hard working middle class and poor class get the end of the sh.. stick to hold!

How are we going to get the youths out of illegal activities when that is the only means viable for survival? Why have i mortgaged and lived at this home for 35 years and now laid off and my house is auctioned because i owe 1000 dollars? The life of the 9-5 is so cruel at times, from asset repossession to job loss...whats next. The Governments of this world spend billions on ammunition and weaponry to create death and mayhem, but they have no money to save the 70 year old couple whose home is being foreclosed! nonsense! This is the very same reason why we have so many rebels being formed and so much more people being anti-government. They have woken up and realize the evil that controls them and have decided to break free.


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author avatar Etc.
11th Aug 2014 (#)

I look at work differently from you. We are all free to find a different job. Those who haven't run a business tend to not see the problems. I also think it's important to have entry-level jobs for young people: no one starts at the top.

That said, there's no question that the 'system' isn't working very well. It's just that you see different reasons for it than I do.

We--my husband and I--are retired, living on a very fixed income and are having many of the same problems you cite. Troubled times.

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author avatar blogperfect
11th Aug 2014 (#)

thats true my friend

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