A Fan's Perspective: Floyd's Strategy to Stay on Top of Pacquiao Without a Fight

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Pacquiao is the world’s no.1 P4P fighter and Fighter of the Decade. Mayweather says he is not and points out his past losses. Pacquiao won belts in 8 weight divisions. Floyd says he’s on PEDs without any proof. Pacquiao files a defamation case against him. Floyd defied the law by not attending the deposition. Pacquiao won fights despite the odds against him but Floyd say he’s one-dimensional. Pacquiao became a congressman and hero of his people. Floyd call him names. Why is he doing all these?

Attractive but unlikeable selling point

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a draw for playing the bad, irritating trash-talking opponent to grab attention to camouflage his boring fighting style. Almost all wants to watch his fights to be able to hopefully witness that he’s finally defeated and humiliated so the sport of boxing can become respectable again. Many of his fights are so forgettable that he tries very hard to be in the news and talked about when he is not fighting to make an impression that he’s still active despite a long hiatus which is caused by waiting for the right time to fight a beatable opponent at this stage of his career. And to stay on top of the other great fighters in the public opinion, he downgrades and baselessly accuses his top rivals of illegally winning fights and points to irrelevant losses in their early days.

His greatest asset and selling point is his dubious undefeated slate. His claim of being a great fighter is solely posted in his zero-loss career. One defeat erases all of what he claims he is. So he must preserve it by hook or by crook. Doing everything Bobby Fischer-style to ensure his win at a time and place with his unusual rules or demands he dictated (to avoid a fight or distract his opponent’s concentration).

Floyd finally met his match

But for the first time, Floyd is having problems dictating advantageous rules to get the upper hand with an opponent in Manny Pacquiao because Pacquiao is now the world’s no.1 P4P fighter, Fighter of the Decade, a PPV draw, a world record-holder of winning titles in 8 different divisions (this is hard to beat) and the world’s most exciting fighter.

And to top it all, Pacquiao is a very respectable athlete – in and out of the ring and now transcends the sport.

Skillful and smart but unexciting

But in fairness to Floyd, he is looked at as one of the most skilled and smartest fighters in the world today. He is now considered to be the world’s best defensive fighter. The great Muhammad Ali was a great defensive fighter in his early fights who wants to hit and not get hit by using his long arm jabs and footwork to his advantage. But Ali, in his later fighting career years, decided to go toe-to-toe and get punched in order to deliver a punch or tire his opponent to produce one of the greatest and memorable fights of all time particularly the Thrilla in ManilaMuhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier in 1976. It was the third fight of an equally exciting trilogy between the two. Floyd has yet to do what Ali did in his later years.

The art of staying on top of the public opinion without a fight

Mayweather's strategy to stay on top of the other fighters seemed not to work with top rival Manny Pacquiao for the simple reason that Pacquiao is really above him in too many aspects in and out of the fighting arena. The boxing world’s accolades, breaking all-time boxing records, pay-per-view sales, the number of die-hard and supportive fans, out-of-the-ring accomplishments and the Pacman’s almost-all exciting fights, drowns Mayweather to no end.

Floyd’s only strategy without a fight is to get on top of Pacquiao in the world of public opinion, as observed (of course, with help from his family), is to make public statements downgrading Pacquiao’s ability and skill, pointing out Manny’s irrelevant past losses, opining that Pacquiao’s precious opponents are all washed-up, belittling his trainer Freddie Roach, baselessly accusing Pacquiao of using illegal PEDs, and making uncalled-for online trash-talks and rants.

What's exciting about a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight

Floyd tries to stay on top of the game in the opinion of the majority – the street people – who only know boxing in what they read and hear in the media.

In this background, the dream fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. may yet become, not necessarily the most exciting ring fight, but the world’s most anticipated and exciting preparation and outcome of a fight.

Are these just all hype by Floyd before fighting Pacquiao? Is he biding his time? Is he waiting for Pacquiao to fade and weaken? Is he waiting for Pacquiao to lose first with another opponent? Or it is just his great fear of losing for the first time?

Floyd’s no-loss record, I think, is the only thing he got. It should be safe, secure and untouched for eternity.

But did Floyd fought the best of his era at the most clamored time and place?

If no is the answer then his being undefeated is of less value and forgetable.


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author avatar Denise O
1st Aug 2011 (#)

Jeremy, I use to be a fight fan, back in the 70's, 80's and 90's but, I can not remember the last time I watched a fight. The sport is just not showcased as it once was. Nice read, thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Retired
1st Aug 2011 (#)

Good review...thanks for sharing....

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author avatar vpaulose
22nd Aug 2011 (#)

Nice review. Thank you Jeremi.

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