A Ghost Adopts a Son

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British medium Daniel Home was legally adopted by the ghost of Charles Lyon to be his son and heir.

Can a Ghost Legally Adopt?

Is it possible for a ghost to adopt a living human being? If you answered yes you would be correct. Just such a thing happened in England in 1866. This is a story about three people. One of them was Mrs. Jane Lyon, a very wealthy widow in her mid 70’s who was left completely alone upon the death of her husband. The second person was the ghost of her deceased husband, Charles Lyon. And the third was Daniel Home, a famous psychic medium and the person whom the ghost wanted to adopt.

“I first met Mr. Home in early October, either the second or the third,” said Mrs. Lyon. “A local librarian gave me his home address. I'd sought him out at the Athaeneum - a centre which Mr. Home ran where like minded spiritualists could gather - but he wasn't there.” She finally did get to meet him, and at one of their meetings, Mrs. Lyon’s husband Charles made contact through Daniel Home.

Communicating with the Dead

One of the ghost’s earliest messages to his wife was: my own darling, Jane, I love Daniel. HE IS TO BE OUR SON, he is my son, therefore yours. And this began the proceedings which led to the adoption of Daniel Home by a ghost. The process was finalized on December 10, 1866 when the official deed-poll was enrolled at the Chancery and Daniel Home legally became Daniel Lyon.

Ghosts were produced

However, due to a meddling barrister, Mrs. Lyon would eventually sue Mr. Home for using undue influence over her in order to steal an inheritance from her. The charge was that he used his genuine mediumistic gifts in order to psychologically overpower Mrs. Lyon. She did not claim that his powers were fraudulent because she believed they were completely genuine. Mr. Home could raise ghosts. He could talk to her dead husband but yet a lengthy trial was held on the matter of undue influence before the King’s Equity Court.

The final decision of the court was that Daniel Home was guilty of using undue influence over Mrs. Lyon. One reason Mr. Home lost the case was because he could not convince the court that he didn’t produce manifestations – negative evidence. Even though Mr. Home lost the case it is also inferred from other actions of the court that Mrs. Lyon wasn’t considered an innocent victim. She was made to pay all of the court costs which is unheard of for the victor of a case! Also, the court said nothing about undoing Mr. Homes’ adoption. This seemed to imply that he could still inherit from the estate of Mr. Charles Lyon his adoptive ghost father.

One other major item shouldn’t be lost. The court declared that Daniel Home DID produce spirit manifestations. Thus this is a case in which a legal court verified the existence of ghosts! This story is based on court documents filed with the King’s Equity Court of England in the year 1868.

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