A Grave Misunderstanding

Phil Jellerson By Phil Jellerson, 11th Dec 2012 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Many Christians have been duped into wrong thinking about Christians voting. This article begins a series of discussions on the issue of Christians voting.

Many Christians Are On The Wrong Side

America just experienced the most contentious and critical presidential election in history. What did we learn from it? I suppose that depends on the individual and whom he/she voted for and their worldview. I'm afraid that most did not truly learn anything from this past election other than they were on the winning or losing side.

I have revelatory news for those on the winning side which is, "You are really on the losing side." I will not delve into all the reasons that support my claim but I suspect the more spiritual Christians agree that the present political and spiritual course of America is a losing one. The real problem is the losers (those voting for our present administration) don't know they are losing.

Worse than the faltering course America is taking is the fact that it will remain on this course unless positive, powerful reversing action is taken. There is only one possible action that could retard or reverse America's destructive course. That action must come from the same institution that bears the brunt of blame for our present disastrous direction.

What is that institution that alone can offer reclamation of America from degradation and ruin? It is the same institution that was the spiritual underpinning of early American fame and fortune. IT WAS THE CHURCH. Belief in God was the power for their perseverance, productivity and prosperity. Belief in God was their pattern for character, speech and actions.

In that respect America anymore is a barren land and therein lies the answer to America's wrong-way dilemma. The answer is twofold. (1) The church must regain its notoriety for boldly preaching the Word of God including sin, death, hell and repentance, salvation and eternal life. (2) Christians must stop assisting America on the way to destruction by refusing to vote for people who don't measure up to certain character and moral standards.

Please don't misunderstand me. I am not advocating that we aim to make America a Christian nation by voting Christians into office. America has never been nor will it ever be a Christian nation but it once was a generally godly minded nation. America must return to a government and a people who have a basic belief in God for there to be any hope of continuance. That cannot be attained if we keep voting God denying people to political office.

It is my belief that Christians have played a notable role in electing ungodly people to lead America. I must therefore believe that Christians can have a powerful impact on the spiritual attitude of our government if they would cease voting for those who, in times past, would be unfit for governing America.

Yes, Christians in America have been duped into a grave misunderstanding when it comes to voting. We have been socially manipulated into believing that it is un-American or even sacrilegious not to vote. From the Christian perspective that is totally untrue which will be substantially shown in future articles.

If you have an interest in the Christian voting issue may I suggest that you BOOKMARK this website (Mozilla Firefox) or make it your FAVORITE (Internet Explorer). Keep checking this website for new postings that will interest you.

Thanks for reading and may GOD BLESS YOU.


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
25th Jan 2013 (#)

Just a thought Phil. If all the Christians abstained from voting , where would the platform for their voice or views be heard . ?...as I said ...it is just a thought .
Bless you

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