A Long Days Journey Into Despair

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What the Act of 1871 has done is adversely affecting all Americans financial well being

A Long Days journey Into Despair

In a world filled with uncertainty millions are in a state of frustration and bewilderment. For Harry James he is just one of the millions facing a very uncertain future. He has come to realize that the world has changed many times since he was young. The joys of summers long ago when the cool of the night revived us from the warm summer sun has now turned hot and oppressive. Memories of those days of yesteryear evoke a passion to regain some semblance of the times when fond memories were made. And, yet it seems impossible now with the way things are.

The times of today though have been stripped of all the refinement that society had those many years ago. Now, we live in an age where greed has replaced benevolence, where selfishness Trumps compassion, where humiliation has over taken humility and humanity. No longer are we in the age of Aquarius. It is as though society has steadily regressed to a much lower common denominator.

Harry has known for some time now that his future compared to his fathers has morphed into a somber realization that the days of joyous reverie where good times prevailed are long gone. A foreboding premonition of unsettling events has surfaced. No longer are the days filled with joyous camaraderie. They are now overshadowed by an increasing anxiety of the way things are turning out to be.

As the oppressive heat of summer continues where the sun beats down the hopes and dreams of the downtrodden masses the world over is hopelessly trapped by the will of the powers that be. For Harry the frustration has been building for some time now and yet he seems helpless to find ways to correct the imbalances of his existence. Questions keep reoccurring as to how did things get so bad. Now, retired living only on Social Security only to find out that Social Security has failed to record all his past earnings. Earnings from over 50 years of diligent hard where many years have been omitted have left a financial burden that is now becoming more difficult just to make it through the day.

If that was bad enough he found out some very informative but disturbing facts on how things began to unravel in regards to financial matters not only for himself but for every American citizen. What Harry found out was never taught in school or if it was it was quietly and quickly suppressed. After talking to friends and acquaintances the frustration only heightens because everyone considers what Harry found out as plain conspiracy theories. We all have to remind ourselves that those who refuse to accept the facts that our future has been altered for the sole purpose to increase the power, and control of our very own government do so at peril to the very foundation of our democracy as set forth by our Founding Fathers.

The realization of the Act of 1871 is hard to fathom today. But, the fact of the matter is that the Act of 1871 was the turning point which enabled our government to switch from being a democratic institution to a Corporation. For Harry and for millions of Americans today all have been living in a fixed system that is rigged against the citizens of the United States. The deception and outright deceit of by the powers that be have completely misled the American populace into accepting the way things are today.

In digging deeper into what our government did Harry has found that the United States government continues to perpetrate gross injustices on the public. To many people don't realize that the United States is basically a corporate instrument of the international banking conglomerates. What this means is that every American are owned by the corporation aka, the government of the United States. This also means that the corporate United States holds ownership of all your assets, your property and even ones children. Think about all the bills we are forced to pay, all those various taxes and fines and even licenses we have to pay for. And, all this started in 1871.

For Harry living on a very tight income has made the frustration even more apparent. Sadly, though Harry realizes there really hasn't been a unified effort to make our government accountable for all the travesties they have imposed on the American citizen. It is the public though that have been so indoctrinated in accepting whatever the government mandates. There have been countless numbers of unfunded mandates imposed on the American citizen all of which have put financial strains on practically every American. That is just part of the issues facing us today.

When congress passed the Act of 1871 and subsequent legislation we the people have been deceived ever since into thinking we are free and independent when in actuality we continue to be slaves and servants of the corporation. Our ignorance of the facts has led to our silence and our silence has been construed as our consent to become beneficiaries of a debt we did not incur. The fact of the matter is that treason was committed against the People with the passage of the Act of 1871. Through lust for money and power this act was never corrected. We the people have lost more freedom than we realize due to the corporate infiltration of government.

Our ignorance of the law has led this nation to the brink of disaster. It is everyone's responsibility and our obligation as an American to learn about the law and how it applies to everyone. The government has for decades counted on the fact that most people are either too distracted, lazy or uninterested to see what is actually happening to the nation. We the People have been for too long mentally conditioned to allow the alleged government to act with impunity.

Today, it is though no one really cares to know just what the Act of 1871 has done to the very core of America. From just talking to Harry's friends it is quite obvious that they are incapable of understanding the dire consequences of just what the Act of 1871 has done to all of our future. Just think of all the wars and courageous men and women who laid down their lives for the preservation of the ideals of our founding fathers. When in fact those ideals were tossed aside by the lust for money and power. Outside Harry's circle of friends there are many who firmly believe that we need a Revolution in thought and in our thinking if we are to ever have a chance to right the wrongs imposed by unscrupulous individuals who continue to act in accordance with the welfare of the Corporate United States.

As for Harry James he is just one person who is trying to make a difference by education and presenting his findings about the facts as they present themselves. But, unfortunately so many are still incapable of realizing the deception perpetrated against the public for the sole purpose of gaining more control and power over the American citizen. Until there is a unified consensus that the Act of 1871 has to be overturned and restore the rights of the people as set forth by the original constitution we the people will still continue to be subservient to a government that cares not for the very people they are supposed to serve.


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31st Jul 2018 (#)

you write so clearly and succinctly dear Tim...many thanks for all your exposes...they are most mportant..

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