A Small Mummy Discovered in the United States Could Be New Type of Human Being

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What happened to the small mummified body of Pedro, the name given to a very strange pygmy looking mummy that is said to have been discovered in the San Pedro Mountains in Wyoming back in 1932.

Strange Small Mummy Found in the USA Could Be New Type of Human

Does a race of small humans or pygmies exist? Was the strange mummy, nicknamed Pedro real proof of these people? Many ancient legends speak of small humans or pygmy people that have inhabited the Earth in times past or even up to the present day. While almost everybody in the modern world dismiss these as just stories and folklore, there are still many cultures around the world that hold on to these beliefs. Some even believe that a mummified body of one of these small pygmy people exists and was discovered in Wyoming almost 80 years ago.

The story begins in October of 1932 when two prospectors (Cecil Mayne and Frank Carr) looking for gold blasted into some rock in the San Pedro Mountains in Wyoming. After the blast, a small room was revealed and there sitting on a small ledge was Pedro the pygmy. The mummy was sitting with its arms crossed which covered its legs, weighed about 1 pound and was only 7 inches tall (in the sitting position, an estimated 14 inches if standing). Some of the more strange features with the body of Pedro were a flattened skull, large bulging eyes and a jelly like substance that was found on top of its head.

Almost everyone across the nation dismissed the story as a hoax immediately after its discovery saying that it was either a dummy or that the two prospectors stole a baby with medical defects from some kind of medical facility. Undeterred, both Mayne and Carr petitioned any scientist interested to come and test the mummy. In 1950, the mummy was x-rayed and an almost fully formed skeleton was shown to be inside the remains. It was also shown that there were numerous bones broken including the spine, collarbone and skull.

Unfortunately there were only two detailed studies done with the x-rays of Pedro since its discovery. One was performed the same year the X-rays were taken in 1950 and was done by Dr. Henry Shapiro. The second was done around 1980 by Dr. George Gill. Each of the studies only focused on the x-rays but they reached far different conclusions on what exactly Pedro was.

Dr. Shapiro's findings included that the remains were from a fully functioning 65 year old man at the time of death. Also found were large canine teeth that were in direct contrast to the rest of the body size. Dr. Shapiro used the term "vampire-like" in describing them. It was also Dr. Shapiro's findings that the cause of death for Pedro was from blunt force trauma to the skull. This finding would confirm the broken bones in the skeleton seen in the X-rays. As for Dr. Gill's study done on the mummy, he was able to reach some of the same conclusions but differed with Dr. Shapiro on one major issue. He came to the conclusion that the x-rays showed nothing more than a premature baby or even a child with anencephaly which is a disease where the skull gets abnormally misshapen often resulting in a swollen or flat look.

So what exactly is/was Pedro? Unfortunately the answer may never be known as the mummy has disappeared and has not been seen for more than 30 years. The last known owner was Leonard Wadler who passed away in the 1980's and since then the mummy has not turned up anywhere. Wadler's family claims to know nothing about the mummy and insists they are not hiding it. There is currently a $10,000 reward for the person who finds the missing mummy. We can only hope that Pedro will show up sometime in the future to put this mystery to a rest but I for one, would not count on it.


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