A case of homicide near Wu Chang train station

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There was a dramatic criminal case near Wu Chang Railway Station in Wu Han at 12:25 pm,February 18,2017.

A case of homicide near Wu Chang train station,China

At noon on February 18,three young men entered a restaurant of sauce jajangmyun,and ordered the cheapest “maigre wide vermicelli”,which is rice noodles with only soup and a simple dressing.And they ate up quickly.
The cause of the murder:the dispute of rising 1 yuan per bowl.
They were told by the owner YaoMou that the wide vermicelli had gone up in price and five yuan a bowl now while paying the bill.One of them,HuMouDong,who come from the Si Chuan Province,questioned owner YaoMou:“Why is the wide vermicelli priced at four yuan and you will receive my five yuan?”
Owner YaoMou said to HuMouDong:”The price is what I decide.You eat if you can afford to eat.You don’t eat if you cannot afford to eat.Get away with you.”
Then they bickered.Rushing up to HuMouDong,YaoMou gave HuMouDong two spank and kicked at HuMouDong who look puny and hardly fought back.YaoMou grabbed HuMouDong by the neck and pinned HuMouDong against the wall twice.
Upgrading conflict resulted a homicide.
Later losing HuMouDong turned into the inner room of the restaurant and shortly afterwards he emerged with a kitchen knife.So HuMouDong slashed at YaoMou wildly with the kitchen knife without pausing.
Being gashed his a leg and an arm,YaoMou quickly ran out of the restaurant,but he was tripped by something on the ground and fell.HuMouDong caught up and pinned YaoMou against a parked car and constantly slashed at YaoMou many times,and cut YaoMou’s an arm down.Last HuMouDong chopped YaoMou’s head off and threw it into a rubbish bin.
Although the scene was surrounded by many people,no one would dare go ahead to stop him.During shorter time more than fifty people were dialing 110 for alerting the police.Standing on a corner HuMouDong didn’t move a step until police arrived.
It was understood HuMouDong was from Xuan Han of Si Chuan and was 22 years old,the dead was from Shi Yan of Hu Bei and was 42 years old.
At 3:00 p.m. on February 17,wearing slippers,with a runny nose,HuMouDong appeared at the Hong Ji bus station of Wu Han and then requested Mr. Cai,a small vendor outside the bus station for help to call his mother or cousin to borrow some money.
According to informed sources, HuMouDong was hospitalized in the XuanHan psychiatric hospital in the first half of 2016.The Disabled Federation of XuanHan County has determined HuMouDong mental disability level two according to the XuanHan County psychiatric hospital’s psychiatric examination and diagnosis conclusion.
In order to achieve their own purposes,some Chinese businessmen or the others often use the means of fraud and they always succeed but sometime the accidents occur.


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The editor of other website said "there are still various spelling and grammar issues with this piece".I hope some kindly men or women will pointed out the mistakes of this article.

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