Absolutely, Positively, F%$&ing 100% SICK of Obama Getting a Free Ride in the Media and Elsewhere

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Sure, I'm not quite as irate as my title would suggest but three years into the Obama Presidency what do we have to show for it? Continued high unemployment, wars across the world (officially and unofficially) and the slow and steady decline of American power. So, the question is begging, why the hell hasn't Obama copped more flak from the mainstream media? And why are so many sections of the American public reluctant to criticise him?

Change we can believe in?

I'd challenge my readers, in a few sentences, to outline how America is better or stronger under Obama. I don't think it is at all. Better yet, please explain how he has lived up to any of the mantras he preached 24/7 like a deranged pastor on crystal meth during his campaign for President. You may retort that politicians always make grandiose promises in a bid for election and fall short, but I can counter even better: NO politician in the contemporary era has promised so much and failed so utterly to deliver on those statements as Obama.

If George W. Bush can be politically pilloried and massacred for his actions while in office, it stands to reason that Obama, too, should be held to account. But no, such consistent criticism has been severely lacking in media outlets and in leftwing circles. It's ironic that John McCain in 2008 and even some Republicans today live in fear of an association to George Bush. Nonetheless, you see constant reminders of GOP politicians both in words and actions clearly demonstrating an aversion or opposition to many Bush-era policies. The Tea Party movement is a fine example of a desire to return to a grassroots conservatism at odds with certain, if not many, elements of Bush Administration policy. Ron Paul, who commands a minority but still sizeable support base of around 15% currently amongst Republicans, is another case in point on this issue. Looking even at conventional moderate and stock-standard conservative Republicans such as Romney and Perry, there is a clear undertone of wanting to move away from particular Bush policies.

Why is such a willingness to disagree with a party colleague lacking in Democratic circles? Aside from perhaps the occasional Denis Kuccinich-esque squeak, leftwingers seem especially reluctant to take to task Obama's woeful hypocrisies and failures. Consequently, the idea that Republicans are supposedly stubborn and country-wrecking ideologues loses all its credibility. If anything, the pointless stubbornness and cowardice resides in the other corner, where Obama can do the kinds of things a Republican would be verbally lynched for without even the slightest protest from his contemporaries.

The Wall Street Bailout

Why does the mouth taking the handout receive all the blame? And the hand is spared?

This is the type of riddle one gets to over the Wall Street bailout. Not one ounce really of the public condemnation you see in farcical protests like Occupy Wall Street has ever flowed to the ONE institution which had the power to prevent and mitigate the financial crisis and the disasters following it: Washington.

Forget Bush for a moment. As someone who hangs to the right, even if libertarian on many issues, I've actually been, like others on my side of the fence, able to grow some balls and critique him. Not so for the Democrats! So, sticking to Obama - what exactly has he done to prevent these crises occurring again? Zilch.

I can recall listening to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney when he said many executive and corporate actions during the GFC could not be prosecuted as they were legal at the time. So, are these kinds of actions illegal now? For most of what happened - no, absolutely not. Yet at the same time, the attention is constantly aimed at the investment bankers and other maligned professions. Where has the commensurate focus been in terms of demanding more from government? Society, at least within the Occupy mobs, seems to expect industries with many diverse and profit-driven competitors to avoid economic calamity but have so far refused to really point the finger at government, which has the most power of all. Farcical.

Gee-whiz, I certainly remember the death by media and social fury inflicted on Bush because of the TARP Act. Where was the same criticism when Obama made his own bailout programs? But no, our latte-sipping Comrades want to save face, so it's easier to deflect the witch-hunters away to the Wall Street traders and others. Class warfare at its best, rather than focusing on the real war that should be waged: between the governed and those governors indulging in hypocrisy and idleness when it comes to solving economic crises in the first place.


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author avatar Robb714
19th Dec 2011 (#)

Very well put!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
23rd Feb 2012 (#)

George Bush put our country into the dismal state it is today and Mr. Obama is working at clearing up the almighty fx"%% d up mess that Bush and his henchmen or perhaps his henchmen and Bush created here...

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