Accidents at nuclear power plants in the world in the years 2011-2017

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February 9 explosion in the engine room of NPP "Flamanville" to the north-west of France. After the explosion, there was a fire. Mild poisoning five people received no injuries. The work of one of the two nuclear reactors "Flamanville" was stopped. According to local authorities the risk of radioactive emissions and there are no leaks.


February 9 explosion in the engine room of NPP "Flamanville" to the north-west of France. After the explosion, there was a fire. Mild poisoning five people received no injuries. The work of one of the two nuclear reactors "Flamanville" was stopped. According to local authorities the risk of radioactive emissions and there are no leaks.

On January 10 the Belgian nuclear power plants "Doel" in Flanders in the non-nuclear part of the reactor there was a release of steam in the engine room. Administration associate it with "abnormal situation", related to the work of the high-voltage line. In connection with the incident occurred automatic reactor shutdown. A member of the company's subcontractor, who was in the engine room, received burns.


On June 20, the power unit of Kalinin NPP №3 room there is a short circuit in an electrical transformer equipment. As a result, an electric current was impressed electric shop workers - 34-year-old engineer and 28-year-old electrician. From his injuries nine days later, 28-year-old shop worker died.

On March 7, the US District Oconee (GA) on the eponymous nuclear power plant was declared an alarm due to a series of explosions and fire at the transformer. The fire was contained within 30 minutes after arrival to the place of fire emergency. As a result, the victims of the incident there, there was no threat of radiation emissions of substances. One of the three reactors stopped. The event was moved from class "abnormality" in the class of "anxiety" because the fire damaged the power line to the junction station.


December 18 at the "Tihange" NPP in Belgium there was a fire in the non-nuclear part of the power plant. The fire was extinguished after 20 minutes. According to the Belgian energy company Electrabel, nuclear reactor automatically stopped according to the rules of work in emergency situations. One employee of the NPP, who was in the room during the fire, was taken to hospital with injuries.

December 18 of the second unit of Leningrad NPP has been stopped due to the formation of steam in the room of a turbine plant. The nature of the steam leak was insignificant. The radiation background at Leningrad NPP industrial site and has not changed and remained within the natural background values.

On the night of July 3 there was a fire at the plant "paluel" in the French department of Seine-Maritime. From fire damaged cooler exiting the steam turbine. Work machine hall was stopped. The dangers of leakage of radioactive materials have arisen.

May 11 is one of the reactors of a nuclear power plant Indian Point, 50 km north of New York (USA) has been stopped due to a fault of the transformer. Several tons of oil from the transformer fell into the Hudson River. Security threats did not plant.

January 15 on the territory of the South-Ukrainian nuclear power station in Mykolaiv region of Ukraine caught fire separately located electric transformer. Area fire was 100 square meters. Victims and survivors were not. At work units fire not affected.


December 27 Zaporozhye NPP power unit №6 was disconnected due to tripping of the generator internal injuries. December 28, 2014 after the fault unit is connected to the network.

On May 14 in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu at a nuclear power plant "Kudankulam" in the first power in the turbine building was an emergency . As a result of violation of safety six Indian workers were burned with hot water and suffered serious burns. The injured were sent to the city hospital with burns Nagerkoil about 50% of the body. According to the director of the station, no explosion or radiation leaks was not.


August 9 at the French nuclear power plants, "Cray-malevil" there was a fire . The hearth fire was located in a container with sodium, which caused heavy smoke, which hindered the work of firefighters. The incident did not cause any adverse effects.

January 8 at the plant near the city of Bay City in the US state of Texas there was a fire , which lasted 15 minutes. As a result, state of emergency has been disconnected one of the reactors. The incident resulted in no injuries, on power outages were reported.

On the night of January 8 at the transformer substation in the territory of the NPP, situated south of Sydney (Australia), there was a fire . The emerging flame was extinguished before the arrival of fire safety employees. As a result, PE reactors were not damaged.


April 5 pockets of fire and smoke appeared at a nuclear power plant "Penley" in the south of France, which led to an automatic shutdown of the reactor.

fire departments put out the fire in the emergency bay. The incident resulted in no injuries, environmental threats have arisen.


On the night of October 23 was fixed ignition in the engine room of reactor number two nuclear power plant in the Swedish town of Oskarshamn.

The fire was quickly extinguished by nuclear facility employees on duty. The nuclear reactor at the plant has been temporarily shut down.

4 July at Kursk NPP ruptured accumulator tank AB-2 volume of 2000 cubic meters per Auxiliary standby boiler plant providing Kursk NPP systems. As a result, the gap Kurchatov Kursk region, in whose territory the nuclear power plant, three hours was left without hot water.

When the incident mechanic on repair of boiler equipment injured and thermal burns hot water. The victim was hospitalized. PE did not affect the main production plant and did not pose any threat to its security.

On March 11, Japan was the most powerful in the country's history of earthquakes. As a result, out of order of the cooling system at the NPP "Fukushima-1" and "Fukushima-2", located in heavily affected by the quake and tsunami Miyagi Prefecture. 12, 14 and 15 on March "Fukushima-1" explosions occurred respectively in the first, second and third reactors, and fire at the fourth power, resulting in radiation leakage to the atmosphere. The level of background radiation in the vicinity of the station and on the territory of the prefectures of Fukushima Ibaraki and greatly improved, evacuation of people from an area of 20 kilometers radius was conducted. The first power unit as a result of the roof was destroyed by the explosion. To prevent the radionuclides in the atmosphere of the autumn of 2011 was above the power unit of the protective dome erected that 10 November 2016 was dismantled. Currently station frozen . The complete elimination of consequences of the accident will take about 40 years.

The material is based on information RIA Novosti


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