Acting on Cruel Stray Dogs

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Stray dogs are really dangerous sometimes as there are many scary stories of street dogs attacking human being. Some of these attacks even resulted in death while others in serious injuries. There are many such issues regarding street dogs which are
happening around and still not attended properly till now

A Street Dog Killing a Baby

Recently there was a very disturbing story regarding these street dogs. Here one stray dog attacked and killed a small baby playing on the road side when nobody was around at that time. The scene was pathetic with so many people gathered around
feeling very sad for not saving the small baby here as it was very much evident on their faces. At once this news appeared in daily news paper and even in TV.There was so much public protest regarding this horrible incident. But as the time passed on, even this news was forgotten and same incident reoccurred in some other place nearby and one more boy lost his life when street dogs attacked 7 year old boy tearing him apart from all ends. This was purely due to the negligence of concerned authorities and to some extent even due to the negligence of parents and also people around. These news remains fresh only for some time and will be forgotten again in no time. Concerned authorities should take initiatives and see that such incidents do not re occur again in any other parts of the country. Some dogs are not that bad while other dogs are really troublesome and very cruel by nature. Moreover these street dogs sometimes will depend on nearby mutton stall or chicken stall for their daily food and if by any chance these shops gets closed, then chances of attacking other living things here is very much evident. It is high time now to put a full stop for such horrible things

Role of Animal Care Organizations

It seems that even animal care organizations are not performing their duty properly as they don't attend to the above mentioned cruel acts by street dogs. Some of these animal care centers are more sympathetic towards dogs that they are not at all interested in incidents like these which is really bad.These street dogs have to be trained in a proper way and for these, these organizations have to interfere in its own way and try to take all street dogs under their custody to avoid such incidents happening again. Or else governments should take action against these street dogs and go for killing those extra dogs which are dangerous to people. There are some streets where even people are scared to walk along just because of these street dogs. It is high time now that all of the concerned and responsible people should consider this as serious matter and take appropriate action and reduce above mentioned unfortunate incidents in future times.If animal care organizations are not performing, their existence itself doesn't hold any meaning and government should understand this and even take action against these organizations or even dismiss them. People should take initiatives regarding these inactive or negligent organizations which are of no use acting on their own interest without considering peoples sentiments. There are many such organizations acting on their own interest


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