Advanced Viral origin from North Korea

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over time, the more human inventions, like a virus from north korea very sophisticated, these viruses can even spread itself over the network to share data in order to directly attack the main Windows server.
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Guard your Computer from Virus Attacks

Increasingly sophisticated technology alone, even viruses to attack the computer could easily be made, such as a virus created wiper north korea.
Believe or not, this virus was so great, spokesperson of Sony even say if the virus used by hackers to attack them 'highly sophisticated'. The FBI also describes the virus as destructive malware can destroy all existing data on Windows-based computers.
In fact, made by the FBI memo also states if a virus called 'wiper' it can spread itself over the network to share data in order to directly attack the main Windows server.
After that, the virus will be ruffled or steal data on all systems that manage her infection while continuing to 'communicate' with hackers sender.
FBI or expertcomputer from Sony was claimed to still be able to protect public computers or companies that are not exposed to virus attacks wipers. Therefore, the virus will be detected when actually activated by a hacker or destruction of data by the virus has already begun.
However, the public can breathe a little easier because some sources also state when for the first time can embed this virus on a Windows computer networks, must be physically aka offline contacts. Therefore, Sony Pictures previously suspected in the party who had a role in hacking case that happened to them.
Furthermore, Re / code states when Sony Pictures is preparing to announce the association of the virus with North Korea. Yes, they find similarities virus 'wiper' sent by hackers #GOP with virus sent by North Korean hackers to attack companies in South Korea.

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5th Dec 2014 (#)

Well done and good research for the computer virus attack. Thank you. :)

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6th Dec 2014 (#)

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6th Dec 2014 (#)

Awesome article and very informative post!

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7th Dec 2014 (#)

thank you for stopping here my friend, fern

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