Afghanistan War Should End....NOW!

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A citizen's plea that the Afghanistan War end as soon as possible.

The Daily Beast Poll of April 5, 2012

Here is an excerpt from April 5th’s “The Daily Beast:”
” Popular support for the Afghan War has sharply eroded in recent months, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll. Sixyt-nine percent of those surveyed now think that the U.S. should not be involved in the war in Afghanistan. That is a significant change from four months ago, when only 53 percent said that the U.S. should no longer be fighting in that country. The poll also found that perceptions of the war effort have changed dramatically. Sixyt-eight percent now feel the war is going “somewhat badly,” while only 42 percent of those surveyed felt that way back in November.”

Successful End Game Not in Sight

In the March 26, 2012 “Time” this quote appears, from Richard Fontaine, former foreign policy adviser to Senator John McCain, who is now with the Center for a New American Security: “There’s a sense that things are out of control and that it is going to be difficult to find a successful endgame”

"No Easy Way Out"

Later, in the same article, entitled “No Easy WayOut: Obama Wrestles with a Withdrawal from Afghanistan” (Michael Crowley) the comment is made that a clear majority of Americans oppose the war (see the “Daily Beast” poll above) and that “the once resilient support of Republicans has begun to slip.” The article mentions the Newtster (Newt Gingrich) saying, “We are not going to fix Afghanistan. It is not possible.”

Russia's Experience in Afghanistan

On top of the sickening feeling that more American lives will be lost in a futile cause, the article gives Karl Rove’s argument, which is that Republicans must cast retreat as “emboldening America’s enemies.” Ha! Have Karl Rove and George W. Bush and Dick Cheney not done enough damage? Must we hear these sorts of saber-rattling idiocies until the end of days, or the end of the Republic, whichever comes first?

Drawdown NOW!

The only hopeful comments in the article are that Obama is considering withdrawing 10,000 more troops by year’s end and an additional 10,000 to 20,000 by mid 2013. To quote Representative Adam Smith, top Democrat on the Houes Armed Services Committee: “Momentum is gathering for the idea that we need to draw down sooner rather than later.”


Obama inherited the Afghanistan War and then escalated it by sending in 51,000 more troops. But Osama bin Laden is dead and too many of our brave American boys and girls are also dead or injured. If I may be permitted some editorial license in my language and some common sense, as well, let me put this another way: "Let's get the hell out of Dodge, boys!"

It is time. Stop the insanity. End the conflicts that “W” instigated and bring our boys (and girls) home.


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author avatar Buzz
6th Apr 2012 (#)

Powerful plea and argument, Connie! As an observer, I agree. It's time America should get out of there, and quick.

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author avatar Retired
6th Apr 2012 (#)

guess all wars are counter productive

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author avatar xphantoms
6th Apr 2012 (#)

War and war, like information, but good peace.

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author avatar Funom Makama
22nd Apr 2012 (#)

I cannot agree less.... There is time for everything and I think the sooner America realizes this, the better for all parties involved.

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