Africa! Mega Tourist Destination! Really?

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Africa sited as the most favorite holiday destination, Well, If it's so great, how come people living here are finding it better to be floating off shore in life jackets in their 1000's, rather than sitting back home sipping daiquiris on a deck chair in a resort, game lodge or out in an air conditioned BMC safari game viewing bus.

Cameron's Dilemma.

It is great from an African perspective that Prime Minister Cameron of the U.K. is in a second term of office, he is not much of a "boat rocker", in general or lay terms so to speak, since in his previous term, an estimated 300,000 illegal migrants, (persons with expired visas), are missing, in and around the U.K. all of whom, are quietly stimulating the British economy to the tune of several million pounds per year in a macabre kind of win-win situation. In a recent survey of issued entry permits into the U.K. via airports and harbors, 58,000 of them have since, expired and can now be added to the older list of 300,000.

In real terms, these "migrant illegals" are a "soft touch" to employers daring to fly below the proverbial radar, as according to illegals returning to Africa to visit, who are working for way below minimum wage of that of their British counterparts in the same trades, payment, which they gladly welcome with both hands, since it beats the stark reality in Africa, of starvation, increasing outbreaks of dread diseases and escalating xenophobic attacks, set to rise even higher as the national law enforcement agencies, are starting to carry out daily raids on the homes of citizens and immigrants alike, back home, all of which is taking place in the shadow of greedy and corrupt government officials, a widespread and established reality throughout most countries in Africa. All of which is taking place under the aegis of a groundbreaking and world class human rights constitution bill.

12 Africans Die Every Minute in Africa.

This numbers of illegal migrants from Africa as well as the world at large, to so called rich countries, is set to soon grow exponentially, as life in Africa is becoming increasingly unbearable due, the unemployment rate which is steadily rising among the working class citizens, as people living in what could arguably be deemed first world type countries like South Africa, Nigeria Congo and Kenya in terms of their groundbreaking, and innovative, agricultural, scientific and social development inroads
are clearly becoming accentuated, by the rapidly growing list of African Nobel Peace Prize laureates.

Zuma's Fire Pool

When seen against the wastage of scarce financial resources, the South African government is busy with the erection of dozens of statues depicting historical freedom fighters as well as the costly obliteration of all traces of white or Colonial statues and memorabilia from any and every place in the country as well as President Zuma's legendary "Fire fighting pool." and last but by no means, the last, his purchase of three new State jets for his numerous visits abroad.

These jets, are purported to rival the Air-force One fleet of U.S. President Barack Obama and not to forget, their benevolent and lavish recent donations of 10's of millions of U.S. dollars to countries like, Haiti, Philippines and more recently some obscure Caribbean soccer clubs, Front Page Today 31-05-2015 while as many as 12 Africans die every minute of every day, from thirst or hunger, yes, even as you read this post!


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th Jun 2015 (#)

Democracy or not it is still catering to the whims and fancies of few or even one. Ego is a danger everywhere. And then to think Africa is so rich in natural resources and even can be the dark continent but able to light up cloudy Europe with solar energy. Sad plight and reality , thanks TP for the highlight - siva

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author avatar Tranquilpen
2nd Jul 2015 (#)

You are most welcome Siva and thanks for reading and commenting

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