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A glance at the life and death of Ahmed Wali Karzai, the brother of the President of Afghanistan

The End

Weeping openly, the President of Afghanistan climbs into the grave to kiss his younger half brother on the forehead.

Ahmed Wali Karzai was shot twice on July 12th by his own head of security, Sardar Mohammed.

Kandahar police chief, Abdul Razik, explained;:

"The man (Sardar) carried his pistol through the security checks to Wali Karzai's room. As soon as Wali Karzai came out of the bathroom, he opened fire and shot him in the head and chest."

Sadar Mohammed was shot dead soon after.

Taking Credit

The Taliban, of course, takes credit for murdering Wali Karzai. Whether this is true or just an attempt to prove how very powerful they are is not known at this time.

No one knows how deep the Taliban'sr infiltration of the Afghan establishment. What is admitted is that the so-called government in Kabul is of very limited authority and doesn't exist in many of the provinces which continue to be ruled by the various tribe leaders, as they have been since Alexander the Great passed by.

There are a number of reasons why someone would kill Wali Karzai.

Who is he?

He was known as the King of Kandahar or simply 'AWK'. He has been described as a drugs trafficker and a CIA agent.

Born in Kandahar, he moved to the United States in 1982, opening an Afghan restaurant in Chicago.

Ten years later, he returned to Afghanistan where he became head of Kandahar's provincial council.

Although it was a ceremonial role, he was more powerful than the governor of Kandahar, Tooryalai Wesa.

Where did he get so much power?

His half brother is the President of Afghanistan. However, he has a very successful opium smuggling operation which earns millions of dollars a year.

Others claim he is paid by the CIA and in return provides security and safe houses.

He also has legitimate businesses; hotels, estate agencies and a Toyota dealership.

He operates a private paramilitary unit; the Kandahar Strike Force which assists the CIA and US special forces in kill missions against senior Taliban members.

Typical Afghani Leader

Even the most generous assessment can not avoid the unsavoury truths about the leadership in Afghanistan. It has been the best of bad bargains. Corrupt men who are slightly pro-west, shoved into positions of power, and maintained at all costs.

Drug smugglers, thieves, persons who exploit their own people for their enrichment, the usual kleptocrats and vampires who have as much local support as money and terror can buy.

It is the old fashioned failing CIA policy of putting persons of questionable or no character into power because they seem not to hate America as opposed to letting the people elect whomever they want and taking the chance they might find a patriot.

Just as Haiti was destroyed during the years of the Duvalier regime; (America's bulwark against communism) so too has the progress of Afghanistan been thwarted by the insertion of unpopular and corrupt persons who, like the Saudi king, couldn't hold power for a week without American backing.

In the Quagmire

Having stepped into the cesspool of Afghanistan in 2001, America has found a place even more forsaken than Viet Nam.

It was only during the period of Soviet occupation that this nation entered the 20th century, being mired in the 1st. Of course, with the departure of the Soviets, the incursion of the Taliban, Afghanistan was returned to it's standard of Neanderthal.

To have bombed the Tora Bora mountains, even with nuclear devices, would have been enough involvement of the United States. Considering the lack of intelligence, the ignorance of the culture, the idea that a 'central government' could work in a place divided into tribes, has only led to more confusion.

Why was he killed?

Sardar Muhammed had known Ahmed Wali for years. He had been his confident, trusted enough to be the head of security, a position he held for years. He knew everything about Ahmed.

Was it to do with the drug trade? With other involvements? Why now?

Sardar knew he'd be killed, it was a suicide mission. If he had been a Taliban supporter, or a member of al qaeda, how had he been able to mask his connections and plans for so long? What could possibly be promised to him to lose his highly lucrative and powerful position?

It is clear that there is a fear of an American pull out. A need to keep the United States bogged down in a pointless and unwinnable war for as long as possible. The murder of Ahmed might just be furtherance of this action.

Or, it might be a reason the West is not yet aware of.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
13th Jul 2011 (#)

This is a very powerful and good article, kaylar. America has installed and propped up corrupt people in nations all over the world. It's high time for it to stop.

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author avatar kaylar
13th Jul 2011 (#)

The sheer cost of keeping this man in power...

I know it sounds ugly, but the Taliban was no trheat to the US...the fact that al aqeda operated in Afg. was.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
14th Jul 2011 (#)

Amazing political information on Ahmed Wali Karzai, thanks for sharing.

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author avatar kaylar
14th Jul 2011 (#)

You're welcome. I read a number of online News sources

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