Ali was a great boxer but he had his chinks

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Ali was great, maybe not the greatest, but he had an apathy to the whites and that is overlooked in all the praises showered on him

The boxer who was anti-white

Muhammad Ali was an American negro who was christened as Cassius Clay. Later he converted to Islam and adopted the name, Muhammad Ali. He won the heavyweight Olympic gold medal in 1960 and became a professional. This is when his career really took off. He won the heavyweight title thrice and on that basis many consider him as the greatest boxer of all time. But there are lurking questions about him and the answers to some of them are inconvenient, yet his record in the ring is creditable. Ali converted Sunni Islam and this will remain a controversial conversion. One is not clear whether he converted out of conviction or to escape the draft and fight in Vietnam. Mitt Romney did the same and claimed he was Mormon preacher, yet he favored the war. Ali sought exemption on the grounds that he was a Muslim preacher, but he castigated the Vietnam war and made obnoxious comments and these damned him.

The first controversy
Ali's fight with Sonny Liston is the stuff legends are made off. Liston was a brute of a boxer, yet Ali knocked him out with a phantom punch. Till date many are convinced it was a fixed fight.Ali and Liston boxed twice and Ali won both the bouts. His second bout with Liston raised many doubts. A close look at that match shows that Ali landed a blow and Liston simply went down. Many claim it was a just and fair fight but important members of the boxing fraternity feel the fight could have been fixed. Liston was no paragon of virtue and there is a possibility that he had bet against himself. Maybe he also feared being killed by the black Muslims in case he won. In any case,these two fights made Ali a world champion, while they signaled the end of the road for Liston. Till date,many doubts remain unanswered.

Ali and white syndrome
Ali was not averse to using race and color to further his cause. He often referred to his white opponent as the 'the great white hope". He also taunted Floyd Patterson in the ring for referring to him by what he termed his slave name , Cassius Clay. He frequently railed against whites, but towards the end of his career had mellowed down. His bouts with Ken Norton, who broke his jaw are also suspect and the boxing fraternity with money riding on Ali scripted a win for him. Ali was a great boxer. He was quick and intelligent and swift and agile in the ring. Unfortunately, he continued to box for much longer than his body could take it and so paid a terrible price with the onset of Parkinsons disease, just 3 years after he left boxing. Ali is no more, but some question should best be left unanswered.


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author avatar Randhir Bechoo
8th Jun 2016 (#)

Interesting share

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
9th Jun 2016 (#)

Ali's "obnoxious comments" were in fact highly principled stands that he took against the Vietnam War and against racism.

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author avatar spirited
9th Jun 2016 (#)

I believe like a lot of us Ali was on his own spiritual journey and quest. His embracing of the Muslim religion was very real,
but according to his daughter Hana, he became more spiritual generally as he aged, being open to other types of religious thought too.

"My father has a collection of books by a man named Hazrat Inayat Khan. They're Sufi teachings. He read them front to cover. They're old and yellow and the pages are torn. They're amazing. He always says they're the best books in the world."

"My father is very spiritual-more spiritual now than he is religious. It was important for him to be very religious and take the stands he did in earlier years. It was a different time. He still tries to convert people to Islam, but it's not the same. His health and his spirituality have changed, and it's not so much about being religious, but about going out and making people happy, doing charity, and supporting people and causes."

I also have this collection of books by this great Indian spiritual teacher, and yes they are amazing books, with so much insight, and hidden knowledge shared openly in them.

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author avatar M G Singh
12th Jun 2016 (#)

A lot of this is a blackwash by his daughter.I am afraid I have a different opinion. Thanks for commenting

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