Alien Writing found on the moon

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Coded messages found on rock formations on the Moon.

What do these rocks says?

Yes, you read that right. How can rocks say anything? They can do so when arranged into symbolic patterns that convey meaning. That is what has been done on the lunar surface by an extraterrestrial presence there. The proof is found in photographic evidence that I reveal in the book Alien Threat from the Moon.

I am going to show only one of many examples of alien writing that exists on the lunar surface. Why they chose to use huge rock formations in this case as a means of communication I do not know. I suspect, however, that the formation about to be shown was created by a primitive type species that may have once existed on the moon many millions of years ago. This may have been a way to either attract aliens who flew past in orbit or else to contact their god above. As such, this is similar to the Nazca lines of Peru or the famous Uffington White Horse carved into the Oxfordshire hillside. This of course is speculation. But I am an archaeologist and the similarity is intriguing.

That this formation on the moon appears to be a type of writing seems clear. Rocky formations simply do not develop into such patterns naturally. Judge for yourself.

Lunar writing samples

This is a grouping of rock formations to the northwest of Mare Imbrium on the moon. Does this represent an entirely new, alien form of written language? This cannot have appeared by happenstance. If only these symbols could be translated.

A clearer look

This is what the individual letters look like when the edges are darkened. it isn't a mistake. It isn't any accident of photography. Someone on the moon at some time was trying to communicate by using land forms as the method of transmission. Who? When? And why?


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