Aliens: Are they real and should we worry about them?

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This article is all about aliens, if they are real, and proof of them being real.


I believe that many people have heard the song called E.T. (Also the fact that it has been viewed over 300 million times.) The fact about another life form out there not only interests people, but scares others. We don't know if these extraterrestrials are hostile or not. They may look like the ones we see on media, or maybe an animal that hasn't learned how to start civilizations and such. People believe that we will find a species on Mars, or Venus, and maybe Mercury. We have no idea if these species could survive burning hot terrain, or painful cold out there. The only way we can figure that out is only by theories, and pretty much visions. Maybe they may come over at this planet? We don't know, but the future may tell us.

Goldilocks Zone

The Goldilocks Zone is the zone where it can produce our type of life. The factors are how big and how strong is the star, how big the planet is, and if it can keep a stable orbit in that zone, that means it can support life. Since Earth is in the Goldilocks Zone, that's is one of the reasons why we exist. Also, the thing is that there has been several planets that allows a life form to be alive there! And yet, we have found at least one that has the highest possibility of having a life form. (Sadly, I have no idea what they have named that planet, but lets hope they are not prepared to kill us.) Also, one scientist says that if we find aliens, more than likely, they will be machines. Terminator, anybody?

E.T: How should we react when we meet them?

If we were to either be scared of aliens, or be normal with aliens, I say be cautious. That is, if we ever live to see another alien out there. Also, the thing is, its definite we can't communicate with them, and it will definitely be hard to. Therefore, they need to learn our language, or they are going to have to learn ours. (It'd probably be better if we learn their language instead, if they were to come here first. Vice versa if we come to their planet.) Just one problem, what if they can't exactly speak at all? Or make any body noise, or doesn't cooperate? The thing is, we all expect the aliens to be smarter than us humans, but they could have half the intelligence of a person with Alzheimer. There are so many variables, it really doesn't make sense.

E.T Facts

Did you know that an average of 70,000 UFO sightings each year? That is the average of 192 a day! But yet, they are never found on an radar when they are entering the Earth's atmosphere. Would that mean people are just seeing random stuff? (This is why we tell people to not eat mushrooms!) Since that 1 in 5 people believe in alien abductions, and 1 in 7 believe that one person they know was abducted. (Its funny how that 1 in 5 people believing in abductions are males.) So that would easily explain why where is a real MIB team, that is trying to track down aliens, and there is a law making any contact with aliens and their possessions. I dunno, but we must look either retarded, or just too careful when it comes to the alien's.


I have seen a quote where it talked about how we have an organ to see, and an organ to feel, hear, etc. But what if we are missing an organ for a certain thing? Maybe there is organ where we can turn into a beast, or maybe have wings, or even shoot lasers out of certain parts of our bodies! Maybe animals have that feature, and possibly aliens, too. Some people that have claimed they have encountered aliens have noticed they were ahead several hours, and when under hypnosis, their DNA was taken away from them, and they were HIGHLY confused. The thing is, what if aliens are studying us, while we are trying to study them? But to me, that really sounds like they are actually intelligent creatures, who seem pretty harmless if all they are doing is studying us. Maybe, they are about to get ready to meet us!


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