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What will Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu do now that Iran is almost cleared the path to develop nuclear weapons? Has the American President, Barrack Obama,Iran sealed Israels fate with the concessions made to pursue a deal to allow Iran to continue with a nuclear program?

Bibi's next move

As Iranian Leaders are calling for "death to America" and stating that Israel must be wiped of the face of the earth, John Kerry, the American Secretary of state, Under orders from American President Barrack Obama, has been busy giving in to the demands of Iran in carving out a "deal" regarding allowing the terrorist state to continue to advance its nuclear abilities. Well this is not sitting well with Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu ( affectionately called Bibi by his countrymen).

What will the Prime Ministers' next move be after reviewing the "framework of the "deal" that Many world leaders believe will all but guarantee the eventual annihilation Of Israel? Bibi has promised that he will not allow his nation and it's people to be destroyed. This means that the world has their eyes on Israel as this bizarre yet possibly deadly political game plays out.

Obama's animosity towards Netanyahu

Ever since Barrack Obama was elected President he has displayed an animosity towards The Israel Prime Minister and has gone out of his way to behave in what many say is a disdainful manner while others call his behavior simply rude. I don't know why the American president has such an obvious distaste for Benjamin Netanyahu that dates back to the first meeting they had. I suspect that it may be connected to his Muslim upbringing and his obvious preference for the company of Islamic leaders. However that-is but conjecture on my part. Over the years it does seem that Obama is less able to hide his true feelings towards the nation of Israel and the leaders. This may be because he surrounded him self with Islamist's in his administration and that many of his advisers are also Muslim.


These are interesting times and many would say that we are watching the fulfillment of prophecy come to pass. It appears that we are on our way to a nuclear holocaust if something doesn't dramatically change real soon. It is understandable that Israel will do whatever it has to to prevent a rogue nation such as Iran from wiping them of the face of the earth. This supported by others in the region. even Saudi Arabia has given Israel the go ahead to fly through Saudi airspace to take out Iranian Nuclear centrifuges and possible nuclear weapons manufacturing facilities.

Now as we watch this horrible drama play out in the Middle East, We need to also keep in mind that the Iranian Leaders also have sworn death to America. The stakes are much higher then most people realize. It is not just Israel anymore. Iran is seeking to annihilate The United States as well.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
5th Apr 2015 (#)

A fairer assessment would be that Iran gave in to Kerry's demands. Regardless of the right-wing warmonger response, this is an historic agreement where diplomacy won out against war. Iran is now prohibited from enriching uranium for purposes of making a bomb. That is a great victory for Kerry, for Obama, and for the world.

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author avatar jjmyles
5th Apr 2015 (#)

Steve Kinsman, thank you for commenting. I thing you should perhaps read the framework of the agreement to get a more accurate understanding of what it actually consists of.

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author avatar M G Singh
5th Apr 2015 (#)

I must state that I have been closely following American politics and I find that ever since Obama became President he has ceded ground to Islamic militancy. The agreement with Iran will collapse and Iran will NEVER give up the right to develop nuclear weapons. I have responsible Iranians stating this in UAE. So one must not be naive, the USA has signed its own doom with this agreement. Maybe history will record Obama as the Gorbachev of the USA. Lastly diplomacy does not rest on pious thoughts and hard reality is always different.

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author avatar jjmyles
5th Apr 2015 (#)

Thank you for your input Madan G Singh. I believe that you are correct.I think the USA has been placed into a very dangerous position.

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author avatar Carol Roach
6th Apr 2015 (#)

People hate obama so much that when faced with something good he does they just can't accept it

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author avatar jjmyles
7th Apr 2015 (#)

Carol Roach, actually I don't know of anyone that hates Obama. I do know many that are unhappy with his policies and are very concerned about his lack of understanding that the nation will have to deal with the consequences of his mistakes for many years to come. That is why we must be much more diligent in vetting the next president.

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author avatar Kingwell
1st May 2015 (#)

There are many in the middle east who want only peace. There re two peoples, two religions but we are all human being. We must work to bring out the best in both. All Muslims, not even all Iranians want to destroy Israel, nor are they all shouting death to America. Yes there are radicals on both sides and they all bring out the worth in people. Sorry but I don't know enough about the agreement on developing nuclear weapons to comment on that issue but I know that war can never bring real and lasting peace and that is what all the people of the middle east want and need so desperately.

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