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My review for the game All Points Bulletin (APB).

All Point Bulletin (APB). "A good game ftw."

All points bulletin.
I've been playing the game APB for quite a long while, and I've really enjoyed it. It's actually earned it's way onto my "most favorite non-suckish game" list, and It's defiantly held it's place there. Before you get the game for free at either GamersFirst's website or through Steam client, you should set aside some time and read this.
First off, lets talk specs. The game isn't mad to be run on your granny's old Windows 95 Compaq. In fact, a very nice, yet aged Dell Inspiron would have some trouble running it on the lowest setting. So make sure your computer can handle things first. Here's a list of the specs below:
SYSTEM: Windows: 2000/XP/7 - 32b or 64b
Mac: (Nope! unless you use boot camp.)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHz or AMD Phenom X4 9850
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 512 MB or ATi Radeon HD 2900 XT 512 MB
HDD: 20 GB space

This isn't a game that can be played on your grandma's computer, but I don't quite think this game is meant for your grandma. Let's get into the gameplay.
When you start APB, you get the choice of whether your character will be a cop, or a criminal. I normally find the cop gameplay more fun, but overall, they don't really differ much. So all you hardcore baddies out there can still enjoy yourselves as much as the goodie two shoes gunslinger next door. Anyway, when you chose the path you will take, and you choose which server, you get thrown into an extremely in depth character creation system. I was surprised at how in depth it was. It was like creating a real person.
After all the artistic character creating, you have the opportunity to run through a tutorial that covers the whole game. DO NOT SKIP THIS UNLESS YOU"VE PLAYED BEFORE; and if you've played before, then you shouldn't be reading this. The tutorial gives you all the skills necessary to play the game. Once you spawn, you'll get the opportunity to do a few missions, and the game will hold your hand as you take little baby steps into the game. Soon you'll get a feel for things,then things get nice and easy. Eventually though, when you feel the best, the game will push you out of the nest and into the main stream where things aren't that simple.
When you join the main stream, you'll get players that are either noobs or combat veterans. No in between. The world is very gorgeous, like it's real. The graphics are amazing. Enough said. One problem though is that I get a little stutter when I get in a car and try to drive. The system is set so that the better you do the higher your prestige or notoriety, and the tougher the people you go up against this are. When you actually complete missions, you earn some money that you can spend on your car (big plus), your character (bigger plus), or your weapon (not so big, but it makes the money). When I say that your weapon makes the money, I mean it. Every kill you make, you get a small bonus to the money you'll get at the end of the mission you're on as well as a little side cash to spend on whatever. Some missions are simple like breaking down some doors or taking pictures, while others pit you against a strong group of other players. If player versus player isn't your style, then you can run around recovering stolen cars to impounds, or running cars into stores, and delivering the goods to your contacts. All around, the game is very versatile in the many ways you can play. The graphics are amazing, the action is very heated, and the avatars are ever changing. I'd recommend this game to anyone who wants to "Be all you can't be."


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18th Mar 2012 (#)

Thank you for sharing the experience.

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18th Mar 2012 (#)

You are very welcome!

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19th Aug 2012 (#)

Once again, I am not a gamer but, good info for those that are. Thank you for sharing.:)

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