All you need to know about Global Warming and how to reverse the trend

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Global warming has been the talk around the world with several world leaders meeting in Paris to discuss the ramifications of Global warning.

All you need to know about Global Warming and how to reverse the trend

To care for and protect Mother Nature, Earth, we all have to minimize or avoid use of energy sources that affect it. Global warming has been the talk around the world with several world leaders meeting in Paris to discuss the ramifications of Global warning. A ‘Paris Agreement’ was drafted following the UN Convention and measures were approved to help mitigate the effects of these changes in climate. You might be wondering what global warming is.

Global warming and climate change refer to the current situation where there has been a rise in temperatures above average levels globally. The temperature rise is as a result of the ‘greenhouse effect’.

What is the Greenhouse Effect?

Greenhouse effect is the environmental condition whereby gases, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), accumulate at the atmosphere (Troposphere) causing a sort of blanket over earth. This resultant blanket causes an increase in ground temperatures. Solar energy heats up the earth, the energy is re-radiated to the atmosphere, and gases/water vapor trap the sun’s energy resulting in the greenhouse effect. These gases are the greenhouse gases that trap the energy causing the temperature increase.

You can think of it as living/working under a box with no ventilation. The heat produced is trapped inside. Now, think of it at a larger scale, all over the earth.

Global warming Indicators

The following are the tale-tale signs of global warming:

• Melting/thawing of snow covers and glaciers

• Increased humidity

• Rise in ocean/sea levels

• Increased atmospheric, surface and sea temperatures

• Less cooling on earth

• Thinning thermosphere

• Billions of litters of CO2 in the atmosphere yearly

Greenhouse effect is a natural and life enabling event. However, its effects are increased by human activities and too much heat trapped on the earth’s atmosphere will render earth inhabitable.

Human activities that exacerbate Climate change

• Mining and burning fossils and other minerals from the earth’s crust

• Industrial/manufacturing/technological companies processes

Clearing and burning up carbon products like trees for agricultural use of land. Through this, carbon from living mass is transferred into the atmosphere.

These processes move carbon to the atmosphere at a rate higher than that of removing the carbon through natural sedimentation processes.

How to Mitigate Global Warming and Climate change

Carbon credits have been used for some years now to help regulate the amount of Carbon Dioxide that is released in the air by different countries. With Carbon Credits, countries are given limits on the quantity of CO2 that they can emit. The difference can be traded with other nations. This is one of the agreements signed into law at the 2015 UN convention held in Paris.

1. Use of Alternative Sources of Energy

Nations have been advised to mobilize use of alternative energy sources. Solar energy, wind energy and geothermal energy are the best alternative sources of energy that do not incorporate any carbon. Through the use of solar panels at home, solar energy can be converted into electricity that can power machines, light up homes, offices and industries. The use of solar panels for homes not only minimizes the cost of electricity but also water bills if commercial businesses use solar energy to power water pumps.

2. Governments and Non-Governmental Organizations should take it upon themselves to finance industries setting up solar panels for homes.

3. Technology industries should also use solar or nuclear energy for their power needs.

4. Citizens across the world with access to land should be encouraged to practice afforestation and re-afforestation to balance CO2 levels emitted and reduce the greenhouse effect.

5. Set up of large, numerous Solar Panels on the upper atmospheric layers.

It is important for you to note that global warming, if not reversed, will make earth inhabitable. Mother Nature can only take so much. As such, you should take part in activities that will not lead to animal and plant extinction.


Global Warming, Solar Panels For Homes

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