Allen, Texas against the Dart Rail System

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Allen, Texas needs your feedback on the Dart Rail system. This town is still adamant about not allowing it to come through.

The Dart Rail - Another Hurdle for Allen, TX

It seems that there is usually an individual or group preventing something or other from happening anywhere in the world. Those who make the big decisions for Allen, TX are not much different. The Dart Rail System, public transportation, has been trying to move further north to those who work in and around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. The struggle has been going on over a few years now to help the Allenites to see how beneficial it would be for them.

A year or so ago, another East/West main road in Allen, TX had the old railroad lines cemented over in conjunction to prevent the Dart Rail System from going on through into McKinney, Melissa and on up into Sherman, TX. Seems the richer you are the more say you have over what will or will not be done in your city or town. The average wage for someone in Allen is $85,000 a year. Many would benefit from using the Dart Rail System if they would allow it to pass through, and save money on the gas they spend driving long distances to work.

A certain contractor I know, who will remain nameless, spends more than $500 a week on gasoline for his job travelling all over the Greater Dallas area. This isn't to say he could do his job from the Dart Rail System, but think of those who spend just as much and don't have tools to tote about with them. They deserve a break from the high gasoline prices just as much as the next person.

It has been said that the city of Allen does not want undesirables in their town, but there is so much to Texas' history in this town that it would be a shame not to have the railway system come through here. The only drawback is the available land that could be used for a station and parking is being bought up and developed quickly. After driving around where the track system would go through, the only place I can see that would be a good spot for the system to stop is over by the old dam north of Exchange.

Maybe with the help of readers’ and those of Allen who are for the Dart Rail we could get Allen, TX to allow the Dart Rail System to come on through. Log on to Allen's website and let them know how you feel about this especially if you live here.


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