Am I a Racist?

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Eric Holder, during a George Stephanopoulos interview, again brought up he thought he and President Obama had been treated unfairly. This is my take on the subject.

Unfair treatment?

During a July 13, 2014, interview on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos," Attorney General Eric Holder opined he and President Obama had been treated unfairly because of their skin color.
Holder said, "There's a certain level of vehemence, it seems to me, that's directed at me--directed at the President. You know, people talking about taking their country back. There's a certain racial component to this for some people. I don't think this is the thing that is a main driver, but for some there's a racial animus.

Oath of Office

Obama and Holder each took an oath of office swearing to uphold the laws of the land. In the Constitution, the presidential oath reads: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."
The oath of office for the Attorney General is similar.


We have a President who appears to choose which laws to uphold, which ones not to uphold, and, if Congress doesn't write a new law the way he wants, writes his own by Executive Order. I think he has accomplished little aside from dividing the country, lowering our status in the world, cutting the military to a dangerous level, and ruining the economy.
He tries to blame Bush 43, but that does not fly. Things started going downhill in 2006, when the Democrats, Obama among them, became the majority in both Houses of Congress. With Obama's election to the Presidency, the debacle speeded up. If, according to the oath he swore, he is doing his best, it must be his ability that is lacking.


Eric Holder, in my opinion, seems to uphold only the laws the current administration deems valid. Adding small side ventures, like Fast & Furious, seems to make him seem even more inadequate to the office.
We have an Attorney General who, when forced into opening an investigation, has stalled questions. He says the Department of Justice cannot answer questions because of an ongoing investigation. Are we going to have to wait another two and one-half years for the investigations to be completed?
He is, however, correct -- racism exists. Racism is found around the globe.


I think Harry Reid, in the Senate, has made many inane, truth-challenged statements from the podium, and he has pushed the progressive agenda by refusing to put to a vote many bills passed in the conservative House that would have helped circumvent some of our problems.


These people drive me to distraction. Am I a racist?
Oops! Harry Reid is white. Maybe I'm not a racist. Maybe it is the Progressives I cannot tolerate.


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author avatar Retired
20th Jul 2014 (#)

Nicely done, Jaye.

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author avatar L. R. Laverde-Hansen
20th Jul 2014 (#)

While I don't necessarily agree with your conservatism, I like that you used rational points than hysteria.

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author avatar Joyce Singha
20th Jul 2014 (#)

Well done. Criticizing Obama has been made akin to being racist. Liberals forget that about 70 to 80% of the population is white and a large majority of them voted for a Black president; I didn't racism then, so why now? My personal beef is with Liberals as well and regular garbage they put out.

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author avatar Annie69
20th Jul 2014 (#)

I think their race is a factor. If they were white, they would have been impeached already. Harry, too, for that matter.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
20th Jul 2014 (#)

There certainly is a degree of truth to what Holder told Stephanopoulous.

You say both Obama and Holder choose to obey only certain laws and they ignore others, but you offer not even a single example. I find this a typical tactic employed by the right wing. Throw out accusations, back them up with no facts, just repeat them over and over at Fox News, and sooner or later people will believe it.

Cutting the military to a dangerous level? Give me a break. USA defense budget dwarfs all other nations in the world combined.

Ruined the economy? Dubya's taking us to war based on a pack of lies has had no effect on the economy? Wall Street banksters' reckless behavior had no effect?

I am no fan of Obama. He is as much a corporate toady as any Republican, and he's a warmonger just like Bush, but your piece is patently unfair.

Finally, Annie69's comment above is absolutely racist and ridiculous on its face.

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author avatar Joyce Singha
20th Jul 2014 (#)

First, is there any way you could delete 3 of my comments; there are 4 of them, all same.
Secondly, I think Annie69 is correct. The only reason Obama is not getting impeached is because he is black; that's it. Thanks Steve.

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author avatar JayeByrd
20th Jul 2014 (#)

Hi Steve,
Examples: Refused to uphold the defense of marriage act.
Did not and is not enforcing immigration laws. Is not defending our southern border.
Whether or not we agreed with any of these laws, the Defense of Marriage Act was the law of the land at that time, and the current crisis on our southern border is a direct result of lack of enforcement and deportation when illegals are apprehended.
Sorry I didn't include them in the page.
As to the level of our military, how much we spend isn't the issue. The issue at present is we are being invaded from the south by drug cartels. When our border security is threatened by 50 caliber machine guns, it's time to deploy the military on our border to defend it.
The subprime real estate push was initiated during the Clinton administration; he pushed it, too. Big factor in the economy.
My point was Holder is being unfair when he states people, not everyone, are attacking he and Obama for racist reasons.
I did not vote for Obama, but I did have high hopes for him. I regret having to say I have been sadly disappointed.
I do disagree with your saying Annie69's comment is racist and ridiculous.
I work very hard trying to provide facts in my writing; I'm sorry you find my facts unfair.
Maybe next we will have a meeting of the minds.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
20th Jul 2014 (#)

Your first statement reveals we are poles apart my friend. Thank God he refused to uphold the defense of marriage act. Kudos to him for that.

We have been invaded from the south by drug cartels ever since Nixon launched the war on drugs. The rush for the border made by those desperate Central American children is a direct result of American policy in that part of the world going back decades.

I agree with you on one thing. I, too, had high hopes for Obama, but he has been a huge disappointment, throwing in his lot with the barons of Wall Street that created the economic mess we're in, and now making moves to open up the east coast to oil exploration, conducting drone assassinations and killing innocents in Yemen and Pakistan, and backing Israel in Gaza when both sides, not just the Palestinians, are committing war crimes.

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author avatar blogperfect
20th Jul 2014 (#)

Ebony and Ivory, lived together in perfect harmony, side by side on my piano, keyboard, oh Lord, why cant weee?

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author avatar JayeByrd
20th Jul 2014 (#)

You might be surprised what I believe. I mentioned the defense of marriage act, because it was the first law the current administration circumvented.
Ebony and Ivory lived in harmony on my piano, too. I think it's a great way to live.

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