America’s Judicial Corruption-an Insight!

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This article talks about the Judicial Corruption in America and how the Judiciary system in America is involved in gross acts under the "blanket of law"!

We need to know this !

Judiciary is a knitted system of the courts which defines and administers the laws in the name of the state. People expect it to be transparent and provide justice without bias and discriminations on the basis of gender, religion, cast and anything that comes into this category including favortism.

The US judiciary, to some experts of law, is made to make money and not to provide justice to the people who come to this institution for seeking help. The attorneys directly or indirectly “fear” judges and judicial system. They have to fear the judiciary because the system provides easy extortion to both, the attorney and the judge. The words like “Settlements”, ”Compromise” actually denote to the corruption in this system.
One of the major reasons of judicial corruption is involvement in politics. Though the judiciary implements the rules which the politicians pass, yet the judiciary in United States debunked this myth after the adventure by the legal realist movement and a lot have been written, theoretical as well as empirical which demonstrate the politics ruining this system.

Sometimes the judges threat the prosecutors to withdraw their cases so that they could give the judgment (of innocence) to the opposition party. Another corruption is cited when parents, who have never committed any crime, are criminalized and children are taken away. This official and judicial bias and discrimination while treating specific classes of parents could be based on gender, race, nationality, and financial disposition. These judges and officials actually violate their own court orders.
There are so many reports, especially the Human Rights Commission and Transparency International, where the corruptions of the judges and officials have been identified. Some of the judges and officials are deliberately involved in multitude criminal activities. These violations take place “under the color of law”.
In US, numerous children are ‘kidnapped’ by the State courts while the conspirators are prosecutors and higher state judiciaries. The child is given to one of the parents, surprisingly most of the times to females, just because these culprits want to collect extortion concessions and incentive in the form of money which actually is in billions annually from the voluntarily defrauded and connive federal government.
The media in US does know about the flaws of our judicial system but either due to the threat, fear or any other economical factor keep it “shut the mouth”. But as Frederick Douglass (1817-1895) once said,” The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppose”.


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