America In Danger!: Are We Losing The Constitution:

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While everyone was watching the Hobby Lobby case a shadow crept over our Country, trying to steal Democracy and the Constitution away. In States like Arizona, Texas, and now in Mississippi and all across our nation laws are being passed to take away our rights. This is about Mississippi's latest try at ending Democracy!

What Happened?:

The Mississippi Republican controlled legislator passed and the Republican Governor signed into law a bill that effectively shoots the 1st as well as the 14th Amendments of the Constitution down. They did this while everyone was watching the Hobby Lobby case before the Supreme Court. That case is about business's right to Freedom of their religion. Well, Mississippi law is even more shocking.

This bill is actually a religious edict to void those two Amendments and make the Christian Bible the law of the land in the state of Mississippi. This is what is being called "Religious Freedom" law and it is meant to empower businesses to reject the U.S. Constitution and enforce a religious law aimed at discrimination of same-sex couples, all under the name of Christianity.

It was shortly after the bill passed through the legislator that the Governor quietly signed the scriptural based edict into law. At that time the head of Family Research Center, Tom Perkins, issued a statement in which he stated:

"Whether it's someone like Paster Telsa DeBerry who was hindered by Holly Springs City
government from building a church in the downtown area, or a wedding vender, whose Orthodox Christian faith, will not let her affirm same-sex marriage". This is a religious edict which will, "prevent Government from discriminating against religious exercise."
He then goes on to say: "those who understand the importance and cherish historic understanding of religion freedom are grateful for leaders who respond to fact, not fictitious claims of those who are trying to guarantee faith within the walls of our churches and our homes."

Very scary quote there! But it gets even more surreal. Especially if you love our Constitution, like I do! You see in 2009 over 200 leading Christian Conservatives joined together to issue a statement entitle, "The Manhattan Declaration". Which expressed their rejection of Democracy and their Ire at being unable to rule the Country as a Theocracy.

The statement reads as follows, below.

"Freedom of Religion and the rights of conscience are greatly jeopardised by those whom would use instruments of coercion (the U.S. Constitution) to compel persons of faith to compromise their deepest convictions. We see it in the use of anti-discrimination status (the 14th Amendment) to force religious institutions, businesses, and service providers of various sorts to comply with activities they judge to be deeply immoral."

Now those who signed this statement was not who you think they'd be. They were not The National Organisation of Marriage (NOM), or The Family Research Counsel (FRC) or even The United States Counsel of American Bishops (USCAB). Nope the really scary point is the ones who signed are the religious legal group who happen to represent Hobby Lobby
who are now in front of the Supreme Court.

There is a major problem in that statement and that problem is "They judge to be deeply immoral". The problem with that line is everyone has their own definition of what is immoral. So if it is up to each individual to decided what they feel is deeply immoral, where does this lead us to? Where will it stop?

It leads to discrimination against LGBT, single moms, working women, those who are co-habitating, mixed races, Atheists, Buddhists, Muslims, Heathens, other Christians, non-Christians of any kind, elderly, poor and the disabled. Would it even stop there?

I hear you say not the disabled, yes the disabled, up until fairly recently, Churches use to look at the disabled as cursed by God, or possessed by the devil. Are you starting to see the inherited danger in this? They could conceivably find anyone's behavior to be "deeply immoral", anyone not like them, "A White Anglo, evangelical Christian male." If you carry this out to it's logical conclusion, which is doing away with the entire Constitution all together, you eventually get another Nazi Germany, except here in the U.S. A new Third Reich! I have been saying this all along. Hitler's hate did not die, it has been steadily growing like a Cancer in this Country. Hitler, himself predicted a renewal of the Third Reich and said it would happen in America!

How Did This Happen:

So how did we get to this point in this Country, where states are passing laws that under mine the Constitution? How did we allow these people to gain the power to pass moral judgements on all of us? Well using Religious Freedom and rights of conscience has been about five years in the making, about a five year crusade. And they never would have gotten this close to see it all coming to fruition if it had not been for the Republicans and their Koch Brothers funding machine. Or for the fact that voters sat out in 2010 mid-term elections just to protest the fact we had an African American President. And they wanted to punish him for not granting them their every wish and whim! Also we had voters who did not vote because they told themselves "my vote does not count anyway." That is what the Republicans want you to think, so you won't vote!

Well, let me give you all a warning, if you do not get out and vote these Republican/Tea Partiers out in November the whole Country will pay! The tragedy is that the impending ruling about Hobby Lobby, before the court now, if the high court finds in their favor, we all suffer, every American, no one will be spared. We will be subject to the will and whims of the handful of Christian Fundamentalists and no foolish petition, or out cry from any legislator, or protests will change what the Religious right has been yearning for, ever since Ronald Reagan opened the door of the government to the Moral Majority. They have been goose steppin' their way to total domination!

Wake Up America before it is too late and we can not vote to save our Country!


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
9th Apr 2014 (#)

Everyone is too busy worrying about their rights to have weapons, most are not even aware that so many other rights have recently been taken - including the right to certain protests!
America wake up

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
9th Apr 2014 (#)

Americas' constitution is one of the leanest constitution with just 27 Amendments and is open to interpretation to the law makers.
If things have gone bad in the land with ill-treatment of the Indians and the Black people, blame their racist habits that have been destroying their culture and heritage for a while now.
Sadly, everybody thinks this day and age of modernity means getting rid of old traditional values of respecting a culture, heritage etc. whereas on the contrary the ones who spoil the world and nations around the people and their inmates itself, resulting in exterior onlookers to finally come in a contribute and learn how it is all done whereby they learn to save the culture and heritage while the inmates of the land begin to irreparably destroy it causing catastrophe and harm wherein one blames the constitution when the actual blame is with the ones who interpret the laws of the land and behaviourism of that culture and tribe.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
9th Apr 2014 (#)

Take them to the Supreme Court and get it sorted with 2/3 majority or get it vetoed wherein an crime is a crime and jail time is given to those who have warred against innocent people ruining their families, name, reputation and causing grievous harm, hurt etc. You have the freedom to express this in America as the Feds monitor everything any way learn to behave and you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

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author avatar Ralph Streeter
9th Apr 2014 (#)

We have let the Government intrude on every aspect of our lives, this is why we need to get rid of most of our politicians through them out of office. I for one do not want to be dependent on anyone and especially the government. We give up rights every time some do gooder trys to legislate our behavior or way of life!

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author avatar John Daley
9th Apr 2014 (#)

"In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes." Jud. 21:25
We all like to do what is right in our own eyes. Unfortunately that does not make it right.We make a huge mistake fighting about this or that. We can cast all kinds of aspersions on all kinds of people we do not really know. I know this, call me what ever you like, I believe in the covenant of Christ. Jesus came to us for one reason and one reason only. To offer each a chance of salvation. All we have to do is accept that repent and believe. If you choose not to it is ok with me. I hate no one. I am a sinner that was lost and now I am found. I follow Christ so I know the world will hate me. That is clear.

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