America's Killing Fields

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There has been an on going slaughter of Americans by way of chemical warfare in the form of chemical based medicine.

America's Killing Fields

When we hear about Killing Fields we automatically conjure up images of the horrific carnage that took the lives of millions during both World Wars, Vietnam, Korea, and all the other atrocities that occur when governments violently struggle for more wealth, power, and control. History is so often written in the blood of countless multitudes who have died by those who seek to dominate and impose their will on the rest of man.

Today, millions of Americans haven't the slightest bit of awareness to the amount of deep seeded corruption that is in all levels of government and our regulatory agencies. It is these agencies of the AMA, the FDA, the CDC and the EPA that are all instrumental in creating the largest and most destructive designs to keep the American public in the dark. They have ever since the 1930's engineered the most powerful insidious schemes that have inflicted untold carnage on the American public. It is a fact that over 600,000 people die each year by medical related issues while just a little over 35,000 die from violent gun related incidents. This is probably the major reason why life expectancy has declined drastically since the early 1970's.

What began as an agency to advance medical awareness to improve the quality of health care the AMA has morphed into a self serving organization that has become one of the most powerful political lobbyist body in government today. Annually the AMA generates over $70 million in revenue while under the guise of advancing the medical community. Not only the AMA but all the other regulatory agencies have become so corrupt it is now almost impossible to tell what good they are doing for the American public.

Back in 1930 the AMA tried to prohibit their members from working for health maintenance organizations the came about out of necessity during the Great Depression. By the 1960's they did everything possible to stop Medicare and Medicaid from passing. Point of fact the 1960's was the start of most of the health related nightmares that have ballooned every year since. We can thank John D. Rockefeller when he introduced chemical based agriculture. What came next after chemical based agriculture was more potent and lethal chemical based medicine. All for design to generate more profits for "Big Pharma and the AMA.

To follow the money we have to go back to right after the close of World War II. What came to light was the extent of the carnage the Nazis did. There were countless mass graves, the untold horror of the infamous gas chambers and the unspeakable terror of so many concentration camps all by design for Hitler's sole purpose to rule the world. The horrific carnage that was done by killing, mutilating and experimentation of humans were the most despicable deeds done in the 20th century.

As insane as Hitler was today what the American public are witness to are almost identical in concept to what Hitler and the Nazis did. There has been an ongoing slaughter of Americans by way of chemical warfare in the form of chemical based medicine. This so called medicine was designed to quell the sickness that is caused by us consuming chemical based water and food. Think Flint Michigan, their water woes are only getting worse. And, that is just in Flint. All around the country every water supply is chemically laced. Not only is our water contaminated but our food sources are also laced with chemical additives that cause untold health problems that the American public are experiencing. Obesity, Cancer, heart and stroke, diabetes and so many more illnesses that have made life expectancy much lower. All for profit.

We must point out that water fluoridation auspiciously began in Grand Rapids, Michigan back in 1945. Hitler used fluoride in drinking water to keep those in concentration camps so weak that they would be unable to move without assistance. By the early 1950's the processed food industry had grown to the extent that more toxic food additives and preservatives were injected to prolong the shelf life of most of the food that still is consumed. With Monsanto being the single most dominate source of GMO food have all but assured of the continued onslaught on the American public. They have been lacing most of our food that is grown with chemicals. It is these chemicals that have only wrecked on the natural balance of nutriments that should be available but are not in the food that is bought and consumed by the public. The goal behind this is so despicable. By lacing our food supply with toxic insecticides and herbicides to increase the dependency on chemical laced prescription drugs to combat the illnesses caused by our chemical laced food is done for shear profit.

When we think about vaccines today, too many contain dangerous chemicals. So dangerous that we have to consider them lethal in every aspect. There is mercury, formaldehyde and even infected blood cells from animals that have been purposely added to the many vaccines that our government and the AMA mandate for the American public. Not too many people realize that chemotherapy was invented by Nazi scientists. They knew that chemical based drugs only temporally rescinded cancer tumors. So today with all the chemotherapy being done with cancer treatments has really made cancer worse. With cancerous chemicals and pesticides being applied to our food supply has only increased cancer rates and as a net result continued to boost the profit levels of major drug companies to all time highs.

What is actually happening today is that the profits being made by the Pharmaceutical companies and the biotechnology industries have made it possible to colluded and conspire with governmental officials in keeping the American public unaware of what is actually being done. The corruption within has made the quality of life shrink in line with the diminished life expectancy for the majority of Americans. The very institutions and regulatory agencies that are supposed to improve the health and well being of all are now the killing fields of so many Americans.


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