An Explanation of Network Performance Management

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The main aim of Network Performance Management is to reduce the time it takes to perform routine management and maintenance tasks. This reduction in time is carried out by automating most tasks to eliminate human error.

A Tool for Greater efficiency

Network Performance Management is the latest development in the field of information technology. It’s a comparative recent development. The basic aim of network performance management is to allow network administrators to use tools that can help them to visualize, manage and optimize the performance of highly complex networks.

Network Performance Management is basically a function that helps network teams of large enterprises to get better end results by elimination of human error as well as perform tasks in a shorter duration of time.

Network system management helps optimize network functioning. Some of the factors that affect the functioning of a network system are summarized in succeeding paragraphs.

Delay: This refers to the delivery time of a packet. The time taken for packet to traverse a network and get an acknowledgement is referred to as roundtrip-time.
Packet Loss: In some cases when a packet travels across a network the packet may be lost. This may be due to many factors which are prevalent in the system itself like overloading or malfunction of a component leading to errors.
Retransmission: Lost packets are retransmitted. This retransmitting could lead to delays as it involves resending the data.
Throughout: This refers to the amount of traffic a network can carry. This is measured in kilobits per second.
There are other factors also like compression and encryption which also affect the performance of a system. The role of Network Performance is to try and obviate the errors and make the network work at an optimum level. The aim of Network Performance is to ensure that traffic over the network is effectively managed to the satisfaction of the users. Network Performance management is a core component of the FCAPS ISO telecommunications framework (the 'P' stands for Performance in this acronym).

Network managers who handle Performance Management make use of this disciple for a variety of tasks like forensic analysis, capacity planning and load-testing or load generation. They interact with application developers and IT departments to enhance the efficacy of the system.

One of the methods which is used to enhance the efficacy of a system is through performance measurement. This is done by measuring performance of the network at many levels. To measure optimum performance the operators use two methods.

Firstly they use per-port metrics which means they measure how much traffic on port 80 flowed between a client and a server and what was the time taken. Secondly they use end-user metrics which basically means how fast the login page loaded

Some of the important applications of Network Performance is in the following.

Forensic analysis. The operators make use of sniffers that can locate problems such as retransmissions or protocol negotiations.
Capacity planning. This involves using modelling tools that project the impact of new applications.
Load generation. This concerns understanding the breaking point of software or appliances that generate scripted traffic. Some hosted service providers who operate on sites in public internet may offer pay-as-you-go traffic generation.
Network performance management is a very important tool in modern IT organization for an optimum end result.


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