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There are so many companies offering Android App Development and iOS app development. But how you will select the best one. In this digital world, demand for mobile phones and mobile apps which run on these phones is increasing at a tremendous rate. Now internet is accessed more from mobile phones then from desktops and 90% of this time is spent on mobile apps.

Top Mobile App Development Companies for 2018

There are so many companies offering Android App Development and iOS app development. But how you will select the best one. In this digital world, demand for mobile phones and mobile apps which run on these phones is increasing at a tremendous rate. Now internet is accessed more from mobile phones then from desktops and 90% of this time is spent on mobile apps. Therefore businesses all over the world are looking to develop mobile apps for their businesses. But for this you should hire the top mobile app development company which is not easy to find in this crowd of so many different kind of companies in the market. To help you out, we are presenting before you the list of top mobile app development companies in the world. We have selected these companies based on specific factors and criteria. If you select a company from this list for your app development work then you can be sure that you will be delivered a high quality mobile app which will open the doors of success for your company or business.

Here is the list:-


Intellectsoft was founded in 2007 and quickly it became famous for delivering high quality software and mobile applications. It has team of 200+ developers and offices in 6 countries and locations namely Silicon Valley, New York, London, Oslo, Minsk and Kiev. It has 35 clients from the Fortune 500 list of companies which includes Harley-Davidson, Jaguar, Audi, Land Rover, Universal Pictures and Hoosbaa. Clients hire Intellectsoft for its honesty and authenticity and the high quality of mobile apps they deliver. They have developed a high level of credibility behind their name. Their team is expert even in complex mobile app development. Because of its experience and expertise, Intellectsoft is considered the top player in mobile app development industry

Xicom is the top rated Android Applications Development and iOS applications development company. It was founded in 2002 and has 300+ highly skilled mobile app developers which are expert in delivering high quality, result oriented and cost competitive solutions to small, medium sized and large enterprises across the world. Xicom is an ISO 9001:2010 certified organization. Some of its clients include Kodak, CNet, Popular Science, Texaco, ASOS, Cushman and Wakefield etc. Xicom team is well experienced and expert in Android and iOS mobile app development and works to make entrepreneurs successful in the mobile app market world. Xicom is trusted by over 1500 clients from diverse business verticals across the world. Xicom creates bespoke mobile applications that helps your organization accelerate time-to-market and address dynamic business challenges.


Fueled was founded in 2008 and right now it is the top ranked mobile app development company. It has shown outstanding talent and capabilities by building amazing and world class mobile apps. Some of its clients include Crunchbase, Verizon, Harvard, American Express, QuizUp, Rite Aid, Barneys, Afterlight, Sunnycomb, Summit Series, Happify, Matador and more. Fueled claims they had a highly creative and innovative team of Android and iOS developers which always create award winning and successful apps. They work hard to deliver apps which exceed the expectations of the clients. They understand the need of the enterprises and provide best solutions that help in enhancing business of the clients.


Softeq is an all-in-one solutions provider and delivers high quality mobile applications as per the requirements and specifications of the clients. Softeq is known for the Full Stack development including various kinds of services like Mobility, Sensors, IoT, Hardware etc. It was founded in 1997 and has right now over 250 people in its team of highly skilled professionals. It has clients from Fortune 100 companies like Microsoft, Walt Disney, Intel, Nike, Epson, Verizon, AMD, HP to name a few. Its core competencies includes high performance web based applications and mobile applications. They provide variety of mobile application solutions including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry platforms, native, hybrid, cross-platform development, Xamarin.


WillowTree calls itself a mobile innovation agency. It is an industry leader in mobile app development for various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows. They have delivered powerful mobile app solutions to many top brands in the market like Johnson&Johnson, TimeWarner, Pepsico, AOL, GE, Nestle, HBO, Harvard Business Publishing etc. WillowTree was founded in 2008 and they have till now developed over 500 apps through its team of 200+ highly skilled and experienced professionals. They have won so many awards and have also featured in many news papers. Their core services include UX strategy, UX design, Android app development, iOS app development, Xamarin development, mobile backend engineering, app analytics, app indexing.


When you will search for top mobile app development companies on Google, you will see list of so many companies hence it is not easy to select the best one from them. We have done the research and homework for you and created this list of top mobile app development companies. These companies offer excellent quality service, has several years of work experience and are creative and innovative enough to design and deliver any kind of mobile app as per the requirement of the clients. If you do have some requirements to develop a mobile app for your business, do contact anyone from them and get a feature rich and robust mobile app and become sure of success for your business.


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