Animal Are Left To Die Of Starvation (Warning Grotesque Picture)

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In Japan Fukushima nuclear power plant accident. Farms in the range of 10 kilometers from nuclear power plants. Many animal have been left like cattle,cat, and dog Many animal are dying from starvation.

The Fate of The Animal

All animal have been left at Fukushima most of animal are locked in a place like cat and dog are locked in house without food, Cattle are keep in they barn without food too. Why they didn't take they pet with them when they evacuate from fukushima, because the government say they can come back in 2-3 day but in fact they never come back in 1 month.
The Fate of animal are die of starvation and some animal survive.

How The Animal Survive

Cat and Dog survive by eating trash, there are few case that cat survive by cannibalism eating other cat to survive. Why they didn't take they pet with them, maybe if they take they pet with them, it will lessen the number of animal that death, if they own cat have been reduced to this state, it will leave a scar on they mind.

What About The Cattle Fate

Many cattle are left to die, is it understandable they cannot take the cattle with them, but if they come sooner than one month, or release all cattle from the barn rather than lock them with limited supplied of food, there will be not that many cattle die of starvation. even if the cattle eventually will be kill to be eat by us human is better than die of starvation suffer for many day without food or water.


We have to learn from this tragedies that is don't lock animal in a place if you cannot bring them with you, release them it will increased the chance to survive, if you locked them they will eventually will die of starvation.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
16th Apr 2011 (#)

Horrible, truely horrible. Thank you for sharing this sad information, as well as reminding people that nothing is for sure - if you have to leave due to an emergency take your pets with you. Similar things happened after Hurricane Katrina too.

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author avatar Denise O
17th Apr 2011 (#)

Ditto on what Mark has written. When we had to go down in our basement last night, when the tornado sirens went off. I already had everything ready for my animals. Be prepared not only for you but, for your lovely critters. Thank you for sharing.:)

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