Animals People Actually Eat. You Won’t Believe

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Unbelievable, but if a restaurant served it – would you give it a try at least?


Gorillas are endangered, but the native populations of the various African nations in which they are eaten, don’t care. The eating of gorillas (and chimpanzees) is a very old tradition in Africa – a tradition that continues to this day.


Donkey meat is served in Italy and is considered quite the treat due to its delicious taste.
Before the idea of eating donkey meat offends your sensibilities, bear in mind that horses have been eaten all over Europe


Their meat is said to be mild and tender, making Pigeon a much sought after dish in France.You can marinade the breast in a Teriyaki sauce, hot sauce, or cajun spice and grill. It's a dark meat


Ants can be found in numerous dishes, the French put them in chocolate bars, while in Copenhagen they are prepared as part of a salad.


Poachers mainly hunt Elephant for their tusks, but they can also produce around a half ton of meat.


Fried spider is a regional delicacy in Cambodia. In the Cambodian town of Skuon..the vending of fried spiders as a specialty snack is a popular attraction for tourists passing through this town.

Fruit Bats

Some bats eat fruit. But did you know that some people eat bats?In Micronesia Fruit Bats Are eaten as part of a soup.

Silk Worm

Said to have a bitter taste, these worms are typically fried and when you bite them, their juices POP out!


Squirrel brains are regularly consumed in America and are considered a delicacy in some areas of Kentucky.


A staple of most rich and fancy dinner parties.In France they are very popular and they are called with the French word “Escargot”.


We all know Calamari is fried octopus, but the photo you’re seeing below is Sannakji, an octopus meant to be eaten while it is alive.


Fried Scorpion is served up as a snack and apparently have a taste akin to popcorn.
Once the stinger is removed, scorpions can be an excellent source of protein.


Eaten raw or fried, Roaches are consumed around the world and evidently have a taste similar to shrimp.


Eating this rodent would actually give you a big boost of protein.
Rat is considered a delicacy in Togo, and the only way for men in this small village to get rat meat is to hunt it themselves.


Ostrich meat is actually very lean and has been made into burgers right here in America.
Ostriches have fat, but it collects outside the muscles and is easily removed during processing.


Frog Sashimi is a fresh frog meal. When I say fresh frog, I mean that it is literally killed in front of your eyes and is meant to be consumed immediately.

Duck Embryo

This is typically consumed in Southeast Asia as a treat called “Balut”, is boiled alive and eaten in the shell.


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I'll pass on everything but octopus, presilla. But good to know that we have such a wide-ranging choice!

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I'm a vegetarian :) ,I'll pass everything too

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