Antibiotics Can Provoke Growth of Bacterial Colonies

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Bacterial growth can be triggered by antibiotics. This was reported by staff of the University of Exeter, who worked with the culture of E.coli bacteria Escherichia coli - this type can cause a person pain in the stomach, diarrhea and even lead ...

The antibiotic doxycycline can stimulate the growth and reproduction of bacteria

Bacterial growth can be triggered by antibiotics. This was reported by staff of the University of Exeter, who worked with the culture of E.coli bacteria Escherichia coli - this type can cause a human stomach pain, diarrhea, and even lead to kidney failure. During the experiments, which lasted 4 days, the researchers exposed eight times E. coli exposed to antibiotics (doxycycline). E.coli have developed resistance to the drug, which, according to experts, was expected, but it was not only the result of experience. Mutated microorganisms multiply rapidly than before the experiment, and their colonies became three times as much.

This effect was observed only among those bacteria that are in contact with antibiotics. Moreover, when the impact of discontinued - the changes are preserved. Lead author Robert Berdmer noted that the evolution is often called a slow, but this statement is far from the truth - at least when it comes to micro-organisms, which is confirmed by experimental data. Bacteria can quickly change its DNA, and antibiotics are powerless against pathogens. For human cells such dangerous changes but not for microorganisms, which, on the contrary, can thus obtain many advantages. Mutations can occur quite quickly - sometimes it takes a few days.

These supergerms E.coli were frozen at minus 80 degrees Celsius and scientists have begun to study their genome, to find out what changes have led to the emergence of new properties in microorganisms. Some modifications have been known to science - for example, a mechanism by which E. coli "kicked" from the drug cell. The new changes included the removal of a portion of DNA that is responsible for the destruction of bacteria that help E.coli colonies grow faster - it has told Reading Carlos, also took part in the research. The researchers stressed that the treatment is necessary to use the correct antibiotics as soon as possible to avoid a situation similar to the experimental.

At the University of Leeds also noted the importance of monitoring the use of antibiotics. Scientists have found that in those regions where it is often prescribed antibiotics, there were many more cases of nosocomial infection by a microorganism Clostridium difficile, including severe forms. Where antibiotics are used less frequently, but cleanliness is maintained and complied with recommendations on a careful hand washing - where the incidence was lower, and the disease itself was held in a milder form.

The World Health Organization has repeatedly conducted campaigns aimed at informing the population about. how to drink antibiotics. In 2016, the organization of specialists prepared a fact sheet with basic information about antibiotic resistance, which is currently one of the major medical problems. Recently in the United States from sepsis dead woman, which did not help and could not help none of the antibacterial agent, registered in the country - studies have shown that her disease is caused by bacteria resistant to 26 antibiotics.


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