Are Blacks more prone to Rape Women

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The black in America was slaved for almost 2 centuries. His psyche is now dominated by violence

Rape and Blacks

Race statistics are a volatile subject and any number of people will cry ‘foul’ when a statistic is presented. One must be aware that the black man is not the original inhabitant of America. In fact he was an unwilling man brought by force from the deserts and jungles of Africa to serve his white masters in the USA. For close to 200 years the black man was a slave and served his white masters. The church accepted this and did precious little to alleviate the lot of the Black man. This was also the period when the white master had his pick of the Black man’s woman at his sweet and will and the product became the mulatto, an archaic word now not much used.

 Once the slavery was abolished the black still labored under severe handicaps. His opportunities were limited and right up to the Second World War the armed forces including the Navy discriminated against the back man.

 Another aspect that must be borne in is that a victor throughout history took his reward the women of the vanquished. This continued till the Second World War and the Germans and the Imperial Japanese army are guilty of perpetuating these acts.
I bring out this fact to illustrate what I am going to write further. In the USA a socio-psycho problem that has arisen is the rape of white women by black men. Just as an example statistics relate that 37,460 white women were raped by black in 2005. These are only verified figures and the actual number should be higher. In contrast the rapes of black women by white men were just 10.

 What does this mean? It means the black man has a fetish for sex with a white woman and in case she does no accede to his request he is apt to use force to fulfill his dream/\. The only reason of so many blacks raping white women points to a deep desire of the black man to come to terms with the white man for decades of privitations and slavery. It is perhaps an expression of revenge and a desire to be an equal of the white man. What better method than to sleep with a white woman, overpower and conquer her.
 This phenomenon needs deeper study. On my last visit to Chicago there was a case of two black men breaking into our neighbour’s house and raping two sisters. Luckily they did not kill as such crimes have a propensity to unleash violence,
After all blacks are 27.5 times more likely to rob whites than the other way around so this figure might be closest to the truth for rapes.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Feb 2013 (#)

Wow, harsh reality and comeuppance, getting even? siva

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author avatar Tranquilpen
1st Feb 2013 (#)

Sadly that is the case here in South Africa with one difference, White oppression during the apartheid years are being blamed for all bizarre acts by black people on members of their own race the apparent causes are as ludicrous as they are brutal. As to how, or why, these as well as every other barbarous act, like black managed, late running urban trains which are regularly burned by black commuters in retaliation and schools burned down because of late deliveries of books by black managers to their own peers, are somehow also seeing whites as the underlying cause for their conduct somehow.
I am glad in a way, that this article was written by an American about an apparently global African trait.PS. according to rural culture, the only positive cure for Aids is to rape either a 2 year old child or an 80 year old senior citizen. I am quite ready to back up everything above in writing and or graphically. There are obviously many millions of black people who are equally horrified and appalled by these acts many of whom are close personal friends of mine, some of whom had urged me to write about these things here. It is high time that they make a unified and bold stand against these things.

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author avatar M G Singh
3rd Feb 2013 (#)

A nice comment.Thank you

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author avatar Sema
13th Feb 2013 (#)

you guys are a bunch of racist pricks.

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author avatar Ironworker
12th Jun 2013 (#)

Typical savage beast, out-of-control nig nogs globally are criminal-minded and lack even minimal impulse control. They lack any sort of moral compass and should all be returned to their mud huts in Africa, where they can fight one another over cow dung and rooster blood.

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